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Crash / Videocard Disabled Issue

Level 7
This is directed at those specifically running a 980ti on the G20 Series. Yes I have the dell higher wattage power supply. And yes I still run at a 90% throttle power setting under MSI afterburner. Yes running newest drivers.

I suffer frequent black screen freezes with certain games under certain settings.
What happens is the video card seems to shut off, losing all signal, this requires a manual hard boot via holding the power button. Before I turn back on I have to unplug and replug the power supply as it seems to be shutting off as a safety feature (as if the system is somehow pulling more power then it should even when throttled)
The issue is NOT temperature related (I run with the case cover off, and an additional fan and with higher fan settings to keep temps in the mid 60’s)

This happens with:
-Homeworld Deserts of Kharak (Same spot every in single player everytime, never in skirmish or multiplayer)
-Watchdogs (at random, very early into play)
-Assassins Creed Unity (sometimes cant even get to main menu)
The above maybe because of the similar graphics engine?
-Battlefield 4 ONLY if running at 100% power draw, at 90% its fine) (same with Hardline, Dragon Age and Battlefront IE: Frostbite engine games)

I will keep adding to this list as I experiment around. Was just wondering if anyone else saw this issue or found workarounds.