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Can't remove user password & locked out of Asus GL12CX Prebuilt Help w/ PSW dip swtch

Level 7
I started to get irritated by needing to enter two passwords when I am the only person who uses my computer and I rarely have guests. I couldn't find an option to disable the user password I set in bios two years ago. I mashed keys and saw the two empty password fields highlighted and the "OK" field lit up. I wasn't thinking clearly (obviously), chose to Save and exit and immediately regretted it. Upon restart I realized there was still a password, it wasn't all spaces and I have no idea what the new password is set to. This is the user password set in bios, not the password for the bios which I believe is called the administrator password.
This password entry box for the password shows up immediately after the small ROG splash screen. After three failed tries it locks and you need to restart.

The traditional methods of clearing a bios password, using the CLRT dip switches and removing the cmos battery do not work. This computer is an Asus pre-built, a GL15cx, I purchased in 2020. I'm hoping I just need instructions on how to use a PSW switch on the Mobo.

Computer Asus GL15CX Desktop
motherboard Asus PC1174185 ors 60PD02P0-MB0B04

In searching for "password reset" or similar online I found the instructions for using the CLRT dip switch, the removal of the cmos battery AND using a PSW or similar DIP switch. I have found a 3 pole dip switch labeled PSWB001 or PSW8001, but it has no jumper & the "general" instructions for this PSW dip switches is to move the jumper to a different position. but alas, there is no jumper to move to a different position. I brought it to a local computer shop where they tried a few things with this PSW switch and a jumper.

And my calls to Asus have been pretty frustrating because I have received 4 different answers when I ask what I should do. I've basically been told my mobo "needs repair", but no one at Asus can tell me what the "repair" entails and that frustrates me. To top it off they have said I have to bring it to Best Buy first before they will even look at it. Will Best Buy have access to obscure one-off motherboard instructions on how to remove 5the password.

If someone knows how to remove the user password on my mobo, I believe by using the three PSW pins, please share the sequence or instructions. Or do you think Best Buy could fix it? I'm going to be hard pressed to come up with the $100 or so just to have it looked at so funds are short. And if I send it to Asus can anyone guess what I'll pay on top of the $100 diagnostic?