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Can not activate windows 10, can’t connect to organisations server...

Level 7
In need of some help!
New to this forum, couldn’t find a specific thread for this so here goes.

I have the ROG G20CB*
-Intel Core i7-6700 Quad @ 3.4 GHz
-1TB hard drive
-Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
-Nvidia GeForce GTX980 Graphics

A few months back I sent my PC out to asus for a repair. They couldn’t actually find a problem so sent it back to me. Upon receiving my computer back a little bit down the line all of a sudden my windows is apparently not genuine. Every time I try to activate I get a message saying couldn’t connect to organisations activation server. No idea how to solve this problem as the desktop has no product key on the actual case, so assuming the key is internal. Upon finding original key using third party software, using that product key doesn’t work. Now, prior to this my PC was linked to my Microsoft account. Upon logging into this, shown on devices is now TWO recognised devices my original and now a second with a different computer name.*

Any help/knowledge on how to fix the above problem would be a blessing. *

Sounds like they may have changed the motherboard. Windows 10 maintains activation based on hardware and when the hardware changes significantly it will deactivate. You can try calling Microsoft and explaining the issue. I believe there should be instructions when you go to the Windows activation screen. Usually they will help if you are not regularly abusing reactivation.
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You might try going here, click the link that says 'You're devices' In your Microsoft account online, and remove the new device that Asus created. After that try activation again.

Level 9

I searched on every forum on internet and eventually end up fixing this by checking if the system actually belongs to the organization.