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BIOS fans setting don't work in Windows (GA35DX)

Level 7

I configured in BIOS CPU fan increase only from 80 °C (like that). BIOS 319.

But, looks like it doesn't affect to CPU fan speed in Windows 10. I checked fan speed with AIDA64 and noticed that fan speed increased from ~65°, fan began work noisy.

Why this is happens? I don't have Armory Create and AISuite3. Why Windows don't admit BIOS settings?


Level 8

@C1eriC  Did not install 319 yet but most likely it's the same as in 318 in which the assignment of the fan connectors , Bios manual settings and Bios Qfan graphical settings is mixed.

  •  Download the X570--F mainboard manual and review the FAN connector paragraph
  • look at the board to check where the CPU  = radiator fans are connected too (You might find it's connect to AIO )
  • check where the Pump is connected to (You might find it's connected to CPU)
  • The CPU FAN manual settings in Bios are impacting   = AIO/pump Graphical settings
  • The AIO pump manual settings in bios  = CPU graphical settings
  • Stop using the graphical settings and  use only the manual settings in bios to change the settings. 
  • Alternative: Download ASUS AI suit 3 or Fan control  to change the settings 

Good luck and let me know the outcome 


In my case connectors was plugged right. When I change curve for CPU in BIOS, I immediately see results. But, somehow, it isn't work in Windows. Speed for CPU fan increases from 65° not from 80° as it set in BIOS. Can't understand why.

I used AISuite3. But when I turn off my computer for several days, it discards all changes and asked me recalibrate all fans again. All my saved preset dissapears. Moreover, after first reboot it discard presets again and asked for calibrate another one time. Next reboots it's ok... until next turning off.

So I deleted AISuite3 and decided to do it from BIOS. But it doesn't work, unfortunately.

I tried FanControl, yes, it works, but it's need admin's rights and need to be started with Windows and places another one icon in tray...

I hope to do it right through the BIOS setting, without any other crutches. Maybe someone can help to explain why Windows doesn't accept BIOS settings (or overlap it somehow)?

Level 8

Then I presume that there is still some software active/ try it on a fresh test install. 

Which software? Should I try AISuite3 again?

I mean fresh Windows install without any additional software. Then the fans should work with bios settings. 

Is there any other solution? I have a lot of configured soft in this Windows already. It's quite complicate to do all this things again.

First try if it resolves the problem by install Windows on an other disk. You can use the front SSD slot for this. 

@C1eriC  I don't think Microsoft did implement any fan control in Windows it self so the bios control is active or any software installed later on the system.