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GA35 - To Fan or Not To Fan

Can someone tell me if all GA35's had a fan in the front? I purchased the below and there seems to be only an exhaust fan which is kind of surprising. I purchased another G35 with almost the same specs (3080 vs 3080ti) and noticed it had a fan in th...

Ocnblue by Level 7
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HI I want to update my gpu from a gtx 970 to a ROG-STRIX-GTX1070TI-A8G-GAMING i am not as update on things like used to be gotten older lol! will i have any problems doing this my g20cb was bought in 2015 spec in sigis there anything i need to buy ...


Hey, I'm new here. I have a ASUS ROG STRIX GD30. I'm planning on adding a Liquid Cooling System and a NVME 1tb ... and possibly a 2nd, because I read that there should be two M.2 connectors.Questions: 1) How do you remove the top black section o...

ASUS GA35DX Win11 Bios Update News?

Greetings all, I did a clean install of Win 11 on my GA35DX. Running Ryzen 7, 3700x. Everything is running smooothly. Except for the USB port's behaviours are extremely erractic. Sometimes it's alright. Sometimes when I plug in my external HDDs they ...

Chewy by Level 7
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Restoring optical drive on G20CB - solved

Hello everyone! So, I bought this G20CB where the optical drive has been replaced with an SSD. I have the original optical drive with me and I would like to reinstall it back into the case without removing the SSD, since the OS is installed there. Is...

Replacement screws for G20AJ

I'm looking for replacement screws for my G20AJ.I'm speaking of the very tiny screws that are used to open the case, access the GPU etc.I lost at least 4 of them and want to replace them.Does anybody know what is the proper size of these screws or wh...

watercooling Asus rog g20aj

Hello everyone, I saw the six4bravo water cooling project here, and having seen that he had to weld the fans and the pump on the sockets. I would rather not cut or solder anything, so I found here two adapters for branches 5 and 4 of the cpu fan and ...

kira08 by Level 7
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