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Have question about my new upgraded g20cb 980ti

Hello,I recently bought the g20cb and I have already added a 960 gb ssd and a 980ti reference card. I also am using the alienware 330 watt power brick. Everything runs fine unless I try to overclock the gpu and the 330 watt power brick will shut do...

G20 BM - getting SSD to work as boot?

I've just got a new G20BM and the first thing I wanted to do was put in a SSD to act as boot/system and shift the included 2Tb HDD to be used as storage.After much wrenching and fiddly cable-plugging, I got a SanDisk into the spare SSD bay and, using...

New software with the G20CB

Hello,as you may have noticed, a new version of the G20 -computer has been released. The biggest changes compared to the old G20 are the OS (Windows10), smaller in size (9,5L) and new software with it (Aegis 2, new Command Lightning etc).I would like...

Tsigi by Level 7
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G20AJ undervolting / Windows on USB

Hi there ! I´ve bought a used G20AJ with a i4460 + 8GB RAM + GTX980 + 1TB HDD.The loudness of the unit is not okay for me and I would prefer an SSD as system drive. But I want to avoid opening the machine up.... since several problems could occur, an...

G20AJ GPU Replacement

What's up? I'm upgrading the GPU in my G20AJ from a GTX 760 to a 980ti model.I believe the Zotac 980ti reference model works? I already have the Alienware 330w PSU. Is there anything else I would require?

G20AJ Bios not compatible with Windows 10 upgrade

I have been searching the entire web for answers to my problem that i am having and can't seem to find the solution. I have tried everything from updating all my drivers, to updating the latest Bios update. After everything i have done it is still sa...

Runnag by Level 7
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G70AB at higher maximum overclock?

Hi All,Is it possible to increase the maximum overclock on the G70AB to more than 4.1Ghz?I'm sure the i7 4770k can comfortably get up to 4.5Ghz no problem.

leadf00t by Level 7
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G20AJ fans running up during shut down

I have had my G20AJ for a few months and I've noticed something. When I shut down, it looks like Windows shuts down and the screen loses signal, but all the lights on the computer case are still on for another 20 seconds or so. Then suddenly all the ...

VC381 by Level 8
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