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G20 CB i7G Review

here is a review of the latest G20

980 TI's

I know a lot of people have upgraded to the 980 TI, and have either used Afterburner or have got the 330W Dell Power Supply. I wanted to ask you guys if you are using the Referenced Design Card, or a SC card, and exactly what cards will fit that woul...

Nadles by Level 7
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Asus rog20aj with both power supplies

Ok so I am going to get the 180watt power supply to go with the 230watt and have 2 questions. I was told I need to change the jumpers for the new power supply to work. Also I am going to get a reference pny gtx 960 4gb. So my first question is what j...

XzachX by Level 7
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Any way to disable GR8 standby power light

Hello all. Does anyone know if there's a way to disable the standby power light on the GR8? When the system is shut down, the power light remains on in an orange colour. It would be nice if this could be turned off completely, as the computer is i...

Have question about my new upgraded g20cb 980ti

Hello,I recently bought the g20cb and I have already added a 960 gb ssd and a 980ti reference card. I also am using the alienware 330 watt power brick. Everything runs fine unless I try to overclock the gpu and the 330 watt power brick will shut do...

G20 BM - getting SSD to work as boot?

I've just got a new G20BM and the first thing I wanted to do was put in a SSD to act as boot/system and shift the included 2Tb HDD to be used as storage.After much wrenching and fiddly cable-plugging, I got a SanDisk into the spare SSD bay and, using...

New software with the G20CB

Hello,as you may have noticed, a new version of the G20 -computer has been released. The biggest changes compared to the old G20 are the OS (Windows10), smaller in size (9,5L) and new software with it (Aegis 2, new Command Lightning etc).I would like...

Tsigi by Level 7
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G20AJ undervolting / Windows on USB

Hi there ! I´ve bought a used G20AJ with a i4460 + 8GB RAM + GTX980 + 1TB HDD.The loudness of the unit is not okay for me and I would prefer an SSD as system drive. But I want to avoid opening the machine up.... since several problems could occur, an...