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G20bm motherboard

Hello!im in need of some help.i have the G20bm nr001t comes with a A68m-e g20bm motherboard, or G20bm_a68 according to CPU-z.the problem is that i cant find any info anywhere on this MOBO? nothing at all att ASUS site, on the G20bm asus si...

Slipsen by Level 7
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This is why I hate windows 10 and why I hate the g20aj

So when I start up my pc for the first time in the day all those ****ing process'es from windows ****ing makes my disk run at 100% for 20 to 25 minutes another thing I saw to day was windows defender when I started up was writing 20mb per second to ...

Rog g20aj will not let me downgrade to windows 7 from 10

I keep getting the bios not fully acpi compliant after loading windows file I have tried everything turned on csm legacy mode disabled secure boot disabled fast boot etc nothing works if I can not downgrade this will be the last pc or laptop I ever ...

Original Asus ROG G20 wallpaper

Anyone here still got their original g20 wallpaper? Mind uploading it for me? Thanks for the time and effort. :cool:;)

Gengaku by Level 9
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ASUS ROG G20 Problem (Reboot+Crash+Fans Soaring)

Hello, I have a ASUS ROG G20. (ASUS ROG G20AJ-US023S Intel i5 3.2GHz 8GB 1TB HDD 8GB SSD NVIDIA GTX 750 2GB Desktop)Its brand new & I have properly maintained the computer. When I play any games etc the monitor freezes and at the top of the monitor's...

Help running Windows 10 OS from SSD - i5 G20AJ

So awhile back I managed to get an SSD plugged into the pc so that I could get the OS running from it. However after I copied the OS from the HDD to the SSD, I couldn't manage to change the BIOS settings to get Windows to run from it natively. Could ...

SNB43 by Level 7
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Asus G20AJ-B11 Color Change Question?

My ASUS always is changing colors, every color of the rainbow that exists, and I want to set it to a specific color, however I am not sure how. In ASUS Command, there is no "Lighting" or "Color" option anywhere like I saw in a Youtube video.Can anyon...

DeII by Level 7
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Hardware lockups with overheating 3d gaming solved

After starting the recent North American launched game Blade&Soul, I found that the G20aj fails to detect GPU temps rising to above 80C during dungeon play at high quality settings, keeping the GPU fan quiet, but resulting in lockups running this gam...

How do I replace a power adapter for Asus ROG G20AJ-US023S?

My questions are: What power adapter does the ASUS ROG G20AJ-US023S use? Where can I get one or a compatible one, since Asus doesn't (according to them) sell any? I am having trouble determining which online listings might refer to something function...