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How do I replace a power adapter for Asus ROG G20AJ-US023S?

My questions are: What power adapter does the ASUS ROG G20AJ-US023S use? Where can I get one or a compatible one, since Asus doesn't (according to them) sell any? I am having trouble determining which online listings might refer to something function...

dual monitor gaming

Just wanting some help on dual monitor gaming. everytime i go to play a game it keeps opening up on the monitor that i dont want it to go on. I want the game to open on my big TV and use my PC monitor as my desktop/chat and web. But have all my games...

Asus ROG G20CB-B10 M.2 Slot Found

Thanks to "Alejandro Ramirez" that found the m.2 in the end, I have attached the picture below for other people to know the location, right below the dvd drive, I have a video on my channel that shows you how to get that far. any questions just ask b...

Help with intel graphics.

Just wanting to know is there a way to change my intel graphics to mu nvidia graphics? i game im trying to play is running on my intel when i want it to be on my nvidia anyway around this?

Asus G20 g20aj 180w Power Supply Photo, Showing the Technical Info

Hi,I just bought an Asus g20aj, w/the Intel i5-4460 CPU, and a GeForce GTX 750 GPU, today. It came w/the 230W, Model ADP-230EB T, power supply.Can someone show me a photo of the 180W power supply that came w/their g20aj system, showing the specs on ...

GoHack by Level 8
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He's dead Jim

Welp, it's been fun. /s Just over a year old and just tonight, it starts doing a BSOD every hour. Honestly I don't think it's even worth it to try to fix this piece of crap machine. Never buying another Asus.Damn shame too, I still really like the ca...

Games keep crashing/closing for no reason.

I recently bought an Asus ROG G20aj, the i5 one, two weeks ago. For the first couple of days, it was doing fine and dandy, no problems whatsoever. By the time it was about a week, the screen started flickering from the game to the desktop, and if I c...

kurochi by Level 7
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Oculus Rift G20's Revealed

New G20's with Oculus Rift

Running 32 GB of Memory in the G20AJ?

Has anyone tried running 32 GB of memory (2 x 16GB) in their G20AJ?Looking up the specs for both the Intel Core i5 4460 and the i7-4790(K), they both officially support up 32 GB of memory. As for the specs of the G20AJ itself, Asus doesn't show exact...

GoHack by Level 8
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Asus Rog G20CB-B10 Audio Wizard not working

I thought that Audio Wizard seemed pretty cool with enhancing the sound but the thing is, it doesn't really work at all for me. I'm running windows 10 and I hear no change in sound with this. Can anyone help me with this?

w0rm by Level 7
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