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G20CB crashing while playing Fallout 4

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I purchased the newest ASUS gaming computer (G20CB) in November. After a couple months, while playing Fallout 4, the screen went black, there was a buzzing sound and I finally had to turn the compute...

Rayhne by Level 7
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ASUS ROG G20CB Audio/Light Sync?

Hi! I have an ASUS ROG G20CB and it has this super amazing beautiful lightshow-ish audio/music sync.. but when I plug in myequally awesome headphones it suddenly stops working. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks, sweet amazing lovely people!!

DeII by Level 7
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Asus ROG G20 Graphics card Power Cables Found

Just incase any one is after either a 6pin male or 8pin male connectors, I have covered a video on why their are needed and how to buy where to find them on ebayVideo ~

Trying to upgrade my Rog G20aj

Hi guys, I have been using this g20aj (i7, 16gb ram, gtx 760 for a few months). Recently, I started feeling that my computer needs to be stronger and run smoother for some programs. Thus, I want to upgrade thr hard drive and graphic card. I hope you ...

Scammed by amazon 660 istead of 970

Hi, i just bought this 700 usd (which is really cheap) from Amazon Warehousei tought that i made a great deal.Today i received the product today and inst...

Kovan by Level 7
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rog light effect for G20AJ ?

Hi guys.I bought an ROG G20AJ and i tought it had that lightning efect with music etc like G20CB but i was wrongThere is any way i can download the drivers or something to make that happen?

Can i run this? - Tom Clancy The Division

Just wanting to know if someone can help. Would i be able to run Tom Clancy The Division. game's minimum system requirements:Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)Processor: Intel Core i5-2400, AMD FX-6100 or bett...

Nvidia Driver Update.

So when the update came out 364.51. I did update it and it pretty much crashed my whole computer to a point i had to reformat. I haven't updated the driver since just wondering if this problem is fixed now?

G30AB Bios Updated, now can't use the computer :(

Hi everyone, this is my first post here.I recently bought a TYTAN G30AB and updated it a bit with 32gig RAM and an ASUS GTX980TI Gold GPU.Everything worked fine until I got a message saying there was a BIOS update available and subsequently updated t...

Pete by Level 7
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Rog g20 i7 and 970 700 USD

Hi, i just bought a rog g20aj i7 and 970 for 700 usd on amazon warehouse.i feel like it's way to underpriced, and i'm not sure that it will work for yearsi read online that many r20 works only for few months, how can i protect myself?since it's not b...

Kovan by Level 7
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