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Installing RTX 4080 16 GB ASUS TUF into GA35DX

Does the RTX 4080 16 GB ASUS TUF fit into the case even if you remove the front fan?This is as the front fan is already close to the current RTX 3080 10 GB ASUS TUF and the new GPU will be heftier and larger? How about the supports, will they be enou...

Agantos by Level 7
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GL12CX is unable to install Windows

Greetings,I am trying to re-install Windows (factory reset image is gone) onto my GL12CX desktop computer and I am having issues with Windows identifying any storage devices.  I am running BIOS 313 and have tried everything from using the drivers on ...

Dudleyi by Level 7
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Resolved! 8 pin gpu cable for G20CB

So, I bought a new gpu for my G20CB but I need a new 8 to 8 pin power cable for it, as I have only a 6 to 6 pin cable and that's not enough to power it. Does it need to be a specific cable? If so, where can I buy one?

ROG G22 announced at CES 2023

As many of you may have noticed, this week at CES Asus announced a new entry in the small form factor pc series as a successor to the ROG G20 and G21 desktops: the ROG G22! Honestly this was a surprise for me because i didn't think they would make an...


G20AJ with RTX 3070 Turbo?

HiHave anybody tried RTX 3070 Turbo (blower fan) in G20AJ?It has the same dimension like RTX 2070 super FE, but i think the cable management will be a problem..**


Issues with Curved Gaming Monitors and Graphics Cards

Hello everyone,I wanted to discuss an issue I've been experiencing with my curved gaming monitor and graphics card. Specifically, I've noticed that when playing certain games, there are occasional stuttering and lagging issues that seem to be related...

new GPU for ASUS ROG G20AJ

Hi all,I have ASUS ROG G20AJ and I want to upgrade.i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHzGTX 770180W+230W adapters are included for units with GTX760/GTX770/GTX780/GTX970/GTX980 video cards, see GPU can be installed w...

G35DX SSD firmware critical bug

I'm so happy with my brand new ASUS G35DX Gaming PC, however I'm anxiously watching the news about Samsung 980 Pro SSD drives that an immediate firmwire update is recommended, otherwise the drive suffers irreversible damage and become read-only. The ...

Jul022 by Level 7
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G20 with RTX 2070, works fine!

Photo:, 2 days ago i successfully upgraded my g20 to rtx 2070 (asus turbo version). Works fine and great performance in 1440p.