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Rog G20AJ Issues with 230W Power and Upgrade

Rog G20 i7 4790 GTX 760I've sometimes had the issues of the GPU fan running loudly and no signal. I found out happened because the 230W was not connected properly. I was upgrading the video card to a GTX 1070 ASus Turbo. It's a blower style card. On...

chrimen by Level 7
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ROG G20 Upgrading from a 65W CPU to a 95W is posible?

Hi there!Got an ASUS ROG G20 (BM mobo). I was interested on upgrading CPU from my FX 770K (65W) to an superior model of AMD FM2+ socket.This is because is not easy to find an INTEL mobo to buy and get into my case... I am just wondering. It's posible...

KuKaMaN by Level 7
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Upgrading G20AJ with GTX 760

Hi guys, I want to upgrade my G20AJ with GTX 760. I have classic 180+230 PSU. I would like to buy GTX 1080, but let's pretend I don't have that much money. Can you recommend anything else? Like 1070, but I need to know specific model, that will go we...

vyba335 by Level 7
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Asus G20 cant find my Wifi but can see others' Wifi?

Hi. Just wanting to know if anyone can help me. I have a ASUS G20 pc tower for some reason i cant find my wifi on it, It connects to ethernet and i also can see other peoples wifi in settings but for some reason it just cant find my wifi any help on...

Asus ROG G20 Video List

I have a playlist of videos on my Youtube channel which covers videos, GPU upgrades, CPU upgrades and many more always take questions here or over on any of my asus videos and I...

What type of motherboard is in the G20AJ?

The g20aj utilizes an "H97-I/G20AJ/DP_MB" motherboard. Is this manufactured soley for/with the G20AJ? I've never seen this variant of a motherboard. Are there any other compatible motherboards that would fit in the G20AJ case?I was curious, I've incl...

Dead G20CB - looking for troubleshooting resources

Greetings all. I am new to the ROG group, just now able to post in the forum.I purchased a G20CB-B21 last week, and promptly killed it. I opened the machine and installed an M.2 SSD. This is not a new task for me, I have performed drive and memory up...

Watercooler on G20CB.

Have a Corsair Hydro H80i V2 over after updating the home built Bulldog computers cooler and wonder if this H80i will make a difference in temp compared to the original G20CB air cooler.Understand that i will have to make holes in the case to the co...

ROG G11CD auto reboot issue

Hello guys. I have recently purchased a ROG G11CD-SG010T model desktop 9 days ago. As the title implied, I have been facing auto reboot problems. It is the 7th time that this had happened. It occurred randomly and I can't figure out if it is a hardwa...