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Hello everyone, I have an ASUS ROG G20CI-FR018T equipped with a GTX 1070 and I would like to update the BIOS of the GPU to remedy the stability problems of MICRON memories. Not wanting to open it to not lose the manufacturer warranty, I do not know w...

More details available about G20AJ overheating issues?

Hello all,I'm currently shopping for a G20AJ and I've seen many negative reviews saying that this model has serious overheating and blue screen issues.What part is actually overheating? The CPU? GPU? The model I'm looking for comes with a GTX760 (non...

Can't find replacement parts... help?

While upgrading my PC i damaged the ribbon cable that runs from the mother board to the front USB/Audio board. its silver and about 3-4 inches. Anybody know the name of it or where I can get another one? I have added pictures from another post here s...

G20AJ WiFi - loss of connection?

I'm experiencing WiFi-dropouts with my ROG G20AJ-i5-4460 3,2GHz - Anyone having similar problems? Suddenly with about 10min intervals, I no longer have internet access? If I disconnect from the WiFi-network, the connection comes back immediately...I ...

oskich by Level 7
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850 EVO 1tb Upgrade and OS clone Successful BUT?

Ok so I managed to install an extra 1tb SSD along side my 2tb HDD it came with and successfully cloned my HDD to my SSD and disabled the HDD and it managed to boot in 3 seconds with the new SSD. BUT now I have the old 2tb HDD basically an old clone d...

G20AJ changing the Realtek 8821AE wireless card?

Hi,I was wondering if anyone here has attempted to change the Realtek 8821AE wireless card that is soldered on our MB. My purpose is to give the G20 Miracast broadcasting abilities. In a perfect world I would find a way to cram an Intel 8260 in it bu...

HaoFZ by Level 7
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