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ASUS Desktop PC G11CD-B13 "firmware not recognized" HELP

Any help appreciated. I have an ASUS Desktop PC G11CD-B13.My current bios is 905. I downloaded the zip file for bios update from the asus website. downloaded both Version 0701 2017/07/244.32 MByt...

SSD Upgrade (Is the G20CB compatible for an m.2 NVMe SSD Upgrade)

My HDD died in my G20CB and i'm looking to buy the Samsung 960 EVO for my boot drive and a WD Black for my games. I'm just wondering if the 960 EVO is compatible with the G20CB. I'm also worried that the SSD could overheat as i'm unsure if there is e...

King_Uni by Level 7
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G11CB eSupport Folder

Hi, can anyone drop their folder? Just clean installed and missing some config/drivers

Asus G20AJ - overheating? and Core 1.7v ?

Hey guys I'm new to this forum. Hope this thread is written in the correct section.I got these temperature readings at idle and while gaming.Can anyone tell me if the temps are OK? I also got a 1.7v as a STOCK setting. What I can see on other thread...

12V warning poping Troushould cant change 12v help

Hello im not a pc brainiac but i see something is wrong with my g20after the energy going out e start doing the thing you see in the picturescan someone tell me ehat happening whow i can fix it??cant change the 12v on the treshould and the toster is ...

70822 70823
ze_gato by Level 7
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Any have A GD30CI

Any have an Asus GD30CI ? I have a few Questions , I own one , have little audio issue with Sonic Sutie

Buildlog - Liquid cooled GPU (G20CI - GTX1080 Turbo - Corsair H90)

This is my first post on this buildlog, my idea is to liquid cool the GTX 1080 that hits the 85C mark everytime I'm gaming. My approach is very simple, do avoid modding the case as far as I can. The general idea is to have the radiator mounted outsid...

a0R86 by Level 7
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ROG G20 EVGA with open fan

Hello guys. What do u thing about this GPU Before a few days i seen the theme guy wrote it ...