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G20AJ Successful upgrade + How to set the jumpers!

Hey togetherAfter a long time, I decided to upgrade the gpu of my G20AJ, from a GTX750 to a GTX970. Finally did it! I bought the PNY GTX 970 (

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Kamelox by Level 7
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Asus G20AJ GPU upgrade

My pc currently has a GTX 750 GPU installed. What is the biggest GPU I cpould fit into it, without causing additional problems. I am not the most intelligent pc person out there, but I know my games are getting about 750, so I'm looking to see what w...

How to Enable G20CI Wake on Lan ? [solved]

HelloI have a ROG G20CI and I'm trying to setup WOL but i can't get it to work.While my computer was powered on i tested that i would receive the packet using a tool.But while turned off nothing happens.My guess is that it's a bios setting so i looke...

best confirmed stable working cpu upgrade for G20CB ?

hi have a G20CB with the 6700 i7, i have upgraded the gpu to a 1080 and ram to 32gb corsair corsair Ballistix Sport LT and added in a samsung evo 256gb m2i want to upgrade the cpu, anyone have success with this and been stable, as an upgrade from the...

Asus ROG G20BM A10 7800

Hi all,Want to upgrade my GPU ( Radeon R7 340 2g) to something bigger.Bought the extra 230w power supply. (So have both the 180 and the 230 w.)The mobo only have the 5 power jumpers all up (NO JDC11 though)Did buy a Geforce turbo GTX1060 6G, and trie...

appelby by Level 7
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G11CD Boot Loop

Hello,I own a ASUS ROG G11CD and it came with Windows 10 pre-installed. Recently, I decided to clean up my PC by doing a fresh Windows 10 install. However, after the installation, my PC would load until the ASUS screen with the Windows 10 loading dot...

Dylox by Level 7
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