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G20CB BIOS 2202 Update

So last month ASUS uploaded the 2202 BIOS update to the support page for my desktop but I can't find any information on it anywhere. At the moment I have no problems with my desktop and the only thing I did to it was take out the stock GTX970 GPU tha...

manual for gt51ch

Is there any manual for the gt51ch motherboard with all specs and supported ram and ssd etc etc?im asking as ive recently had a problem with the ssd in the system so i removed it and installed it into the second m.2 slot in the gt51ch and the drive d...

ROG G30 Tytan not turning on

Hi team, I have a Tytan G30 that has an intermittent issue where the PC does not turn on.When I hit the power switch, the computer tries to turn on, making all the correct fan noises etc and the keyboard lights up but literally after a few seconds it...

Pete by Level 7
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G20CB m.2 storage capacity

I've been poking around regarding installing a m.2 nvme ssd into my G20CB. These past posts claim that the computer will only support up to a 250GB m.2 drive, but does not state the reason. anyo...

Powering a G20CB-B21

Do you HAVE to use the asus adapters? Or are there some aftermarket adapters you can buy? If its possible, and its not agianst the forum rules to do so, could someone give me the link to some?

Has anyone tried nonreference GPU in G20?

Lately I've been interested in another GPU upgrade from the 980 to the 1080 ti. Funny enough, because of the larger volume of non reference cards in my area they are actually cheaper than reference cards! So I was wondering if anyone has some insight...

rog gl 552vw bios

gl 552 vw problem z ssd m2 jak zaktualizować bios jaki dysk ssd działa na tym laptopie ? złącze nie sata

maciek21 by Level 7
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g20cb power jumper

Can i get a picture so i can see visually what needs to be change on the jumper so my g20cb uses both power supplys on the gpu? Im looking to install a 1080ti untill i build a new pc. So if any of you have instructions/pictures of what jumper locatio...

Asus G11cd upgrade issue with I5-7500 cpu

I have updated the computer BIOS to 0905. I am trying to install an I5-7500 cpu. After I install the new CPU and start-up the computer, nothing appears to be happening, monitors show no screens and sometimes the keyboard's backlight doesnt work. Oth...

logitack by Level 7
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