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Resolved! G22CH SSD expansion?

Just bought a G22CH DS766. I was told by Geek Squad that it had an available M.2 SSD slot so I could add another SSD. They said it would take any M.2 SSD... except not the one that fits the PS5, apparently...I see there are several kinds, gens, form ...

Screenshot 2024-02-02 203347.png
Kalysh by Level 8
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Rog g15dk stuck on boot loop and uefi error

Hi guys.Since 2 days ago trying to boot my pc up it keeps boot looping with no screen. The fan keeps going every time it resets. When I did get it to boot I get a bios screen saying that my vga is not supported. Tried to boot it up today and im just ...


Question about the ROG Strix GA35

I'm thinking of getting a ROG Strix GA35 G35DX GA35DX-XB999, but it's really expensive and I'd only get it above a cheaper alternative because of the included 24GB for the GPU.I've heard that the GA35 in general has hot-swap bays and I was wondering ...

Resetting my PC - Win11 ROG Strix G15CX

Hello,I have been trying to reset my PC, and every option I have tried has failed (something infected my computer, and is now causing issues trying to reset). The only option I have not tried is Advanced Startup > Troubleshoot > ASUS Factory Reset. W...

G35dx ram

Hello every body*Just got a ga35 Desktop with Amd 5900x and ga35dx motherboard and 32gb of ram 3200 cl22And i wanna upgrade it to 64 or 128 the ram i would like to buy this:*Crucial Ballistix RGB 2 x 32GB, DDR4-3600*BL2K32G36C16U4BL. 1,35VBut as i wa...

Zogs313 by Level 7
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GA35DX upgrade RAM to Corsair Vengeance Pro 32gbx4 3200hx - ISSUE

Hi all,First time poster and new to ROG gear. I purchased the new GA35DX Ryzen 3950 with x570-f motherboard. Decided to bump the ram up from 32gb at 3200 to 128 at same and went with Vengeance Pro RGB as title implies. The system will boot with RAM i...

case light

it wont turn on no matter what app i use(its a prebuilt(D10DK prebuilt) and lights used to work and they are plugged in)

Upgrading G20CI storage to M.2 NVMe (with update)

Hi guys,Currently installed in my G20CI is a M.2 SATA3 drive.I was wondering if the motherboard socket supports M.2 NVMe drives like the (Adata SX8200 pro / Samsung Evo Plus/Pro).Will the motherboard allow NVMe booting?Thanks in advance!

iggi3z by Level 7
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Constant BSOD, please help!

Since 1/14/24 I have been having BSOD CONSTANTLY, mainly when downloading large files, however it will happen when just browsing the internet at times. I have done a clean install of windows 11, I have updated my drivers, I just replaced my RAM a cou...