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Looking for some ROG G20CB help if possible.

Have bought a Rog G20CB refurbished, previous owner gave it back to the shop as they thought it was a different model.Specs are i7 670012GB DDR4 2133mhz, Nvidia GTX 950Anyway tried booting it and it shows the ASUS splash screen with the words "Prepar...

G20cb upgrading to 330w PSU Dell y90rr

My g20 has the 230w & 180w power supply. I'm going to upgrade my 1070 to a 1080ti FE. From research I can change jumpers and it will work. I would like to replace the 230w with the Dell y90rr 330w just to have the extra power. Just trying to confirm ...

ASUS ROG G20CB - Upgrading - will these work ?

hi all, im wanting to upgrade my G20CBfrom i7-6700, 16gb ram, and the gtx 970to i7-7700k, 32gb corsair vengence ddr4, and gtx 1080 founders editioni have the dual psu set up and 8 pin connector already with the 970will the below work out ok ?? what 1...

Help! Black Screen on G20CB after bios 2202 update!?

Hello everyone, im new to the forums so lets start by introducing my self. Im Adis from Sweden, i have some pc repairs experience but im not a pro.So couple days back i have seen a new (to me) update for Bios and started Asus program to update it, an...

Alkaram by Level 7
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G20AJ i5-4460 + GTX 1050 = 180w power supply?

Hi guys,I did a fair amount of searching but couldn't find anything similar to my situation. I recently got a great deal on a used g20aj with the i3 ,GTX 745 and single 180w power supply. Since it was a good deal, I got it for daily light use and not...

Streaming on GL12CM, High temperatures ?

Im thinking about starting to stream on my new pc ( GL12CM ) did some stress test streams and after opening aegis III to check my temperatures while streaming fortnite ( didn't actually play, i was in lobby ) my cpu temps were at 73-80celcius, gpu a...

Asus G20 video card upgrade uptions

I got a G20 at BB at the end of November and I wanted some extra GPU power. Would the new Asus gtx 960 fit in my G20? It has a GTX 750 in it now, and I have both power supplies so that will not be an issue. OR is their another Asus card that would ...

Fatboy9 by Level 7
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ROG G20CB with full powered gtx1080ti

Provious:I've tested 1080ti on my G20CB which has H170 (mother board). When I just unplug the 230w power supply, the gpu fan did span a little and then shutdown, seems it does not have enough power to boot up, that might be the fact to prove the moth...

ROG TYTAN G30AB does not support win10

You know that we bought Rog series just for high performance. And the major feature of the computer is sytem level up and controllable features of mainboard.BUT I cannot use sytem level up with my G30AB just because they dont have windows 10 driver. ...