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Upgrading the Graphics Card in a GL12CM-DS761

Hello,I just saw that the RTX 2060 Graphics card came out, and it looks to be a massive improvement over the GTX 1060. I was looking at upgrading to the ROG STRIX version of the RTX 2060 for the extra performance and LED. How doable is this upgrade, ...

ROG G20AJ with 32gb RAM

Is it possible if I put 32gb (2x16gb) ddr3l in to G20AJ? I heard Haswell is not possible to use 16gb for a single slot. Plan to upgrade my Ram so it can can run heavy program easly. Need advice. thanks

Help needed. G20CB stopped seeing GTX 1070 Graphics Card

Hello,I wonder if anyone could help or advise. Since last week for some reason my ROG G20CB stopped recognizing NVDIA Geforce GTX 1070 driver. Currently it is running on Intel graphics drive from the motherboard. I have tried following:install driver...

{HELP} Asus ROG G20AJ-B07 Black screen, won't boot.

I had this Rig for about a year now. I decided to wipe my computer, and then turned it off and now it's giving me a black screen. I tried F8 and trying to get it into safe mode but it didn't work. Please help.{Edit}Yes I had problems of a black scree...

G20CB gtx1070 upgrading to rtx 2070-2080? Is it possible?

Hi guys!I was wondering if this is possible? Would the card fit or the pins? I have no idea where to start but I would love to know if this is possible.Watts, pins/connectors or the housing. I also have a power supply that has 2 cords for the g20CB t...

Asus GL12CP - memory stick problem

Hi !I have a problem I have two 4GB ram RAMs mark :SkHynix 4Gb 1rx16 PC4- 2666V-UC0-11 (4Gox2) so I've 8Go bright memoryI wanted to go to 16GB so I bought two Corsair Vengeance LPX memory sticks :Corsair Vengeance LPX 8Go (2x4Go) DDR4 2666MHz C16 XMP...

G20CB I7-6700 No JCD11 to run GTX1060 ?

Hi All, i am newbie here and just bought 2nd had Asus G20CB - i7-6700, 16gb Ram, GTX950m and only one 230w power brick and there is the problem... i know how to upgrade the GPU, actually going to buy GTX1060 6GB by MANLIN??? ( never heard of them, bu...

Andy77 by Level 7
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GR6 - BSOD on WIn10 (NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE - hal.dll)

Hello Guys,Im having a problem with my GR6, as it crashes constantly with NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE.It does crash only on first run after a peroid of being shut off and after it automatically restarts its OK. The crash appears few minutes from start.As fo...

4r8en by Level 7
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