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ASUS G20CB Possible Upgrades ??

Hi Guys,I have Asus G20CB and I am planning to upgrade some components such as GPU and SSD also maybe the CPU? My question is what are the possible upgrades on G20CB mobo? I was planning to upgrade the ram to 32GB and SATA SSD to m2ssd but I guess th...

manesss by Level 7
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ASUS RoG G20ci want change from SSD to m.2 ssD

hello guys i need help i want to change my SSD to M.2 SSD my PC is a Rog G20ci i want to buy me the Samsung MZ-V7E1T0BW 970 EVO 1 TB NVMe M.2 my question is would it go into my mainboard. Motherboard Intel® H170Processor Intel Core i7 7700/Process...

Kenan83 by Level 7
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Loud desktop - solutions STRIX GL10CS

Hello, Few days ago I bought PC - Asus ROG STRIX GL10CS, i7 8700, GTX 1660ti, 16 RAM etc. Tested it for some time, ofcourse PC would be great, its working fine. But its so LOUD, even when pc usage is low its loud, kinda like you would sit close to so...

Adding USB-C / Thunderbolt and upgrading G20CB GPU

So I'd like to upgrade the oriiginal GTX 980 in my G20CB and I'd really prefer to upgrade to one of the newer cards that include a USB C connector like the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Turbo. However, it seems like that particular model has been discontinued and ...

Asus ROG CPU Upgrade

hey all, some one ask me a question on my video about a CPU upgrade, he wrote " i7 6700 (lga 1151 socket) to a i5 9600k or a i5 8600."not as far as I know the best CPU in the LGA1151 for that motherboard is the i7 7600k, correct or is it just the i7 ...


Hi GuysI got a question about my Asus g20AJ , i had i5 4460 with gtx960.Yesterday i sold my both gpu and cpu and bought i7 4790 today but the think is that i didnt realized that the cpu is i7490S version, so i put the cpu and igot nothing at all , wh...

manesss by Level 7
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G20CB Gpu recommendations

Hi all,Just got a GTX1660 Super single fan, that doesn't fit in my G20CB Too tall - its seams the height was 16.5cm - I take it i need a 15cm height card? Was looking at a RTX2060 mini itx - would that be a good fit. Failing that - Founders GTX1070/...

Asus CM6630 desktop BIOS update

Hi guys,I need help from real experienced genius like you!Here's the picture:I have an Asus CM6630 (Essentio Series) that I decided to refresh.I bought a new SSD to replace the current hard drive, and a new power supply because the old one was defect...

Upgrading G20AJ GPU need help!

Hello everyone soo i have ASUS ROG G20AJ the one that has i7 4790 and gtx 760 and i want to upgrade to RTX 2060 but i realise my modal it came only with 1x6 pin connector and no 1x8 pin connector. Is this specific modal didnt came with one? i cant ha...