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ROG HURACAN (G21) HDD power and data connector request

Hi there. I have ROG HURACAN (G21) ( can I get HDD power connector and angled SATA connector to connect a spare HDD?Kind regards

MikeFe by Level 7
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Which charger/adapter for a ASUS GR8 II-T069Z?

I was given an ASUS GR8 II-T069Z but without a charger/adapter (or keyboard or mouse.) I plan to sell it but I need to buy a charger in order to make sure that all is well with the system.I would love some advice on which charger to buy. If there wer...

jess888 by Level 7
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[G20CB] Power Supplies Boot Up Questions

Hello guys,Two quick questiosn: can you boot up your machine with only the 230W power adapter connected to it? Can you do it with the 180W power supply only?Thanks for your help

Rog Strix Ga15Dh Ethernet

Just got a rog strix ga15dh, have a gigabyte internet connection but desktop clocks in at 100 megs. Any suggestions?

Selling ASUS G20CB. Make me a offer.

For Sale:ASUS ROG G20CB:240gb SSB Windows 101TB HDDi7 6700k CPUGTX980 4gbBoth power supplies. No kB/m though. Make me a offer. Will post FOC. Brought from CEX about 2/3 months ago but still have receipt showing purchase and they provide a 2 year warr...

GTX 1080 Aero on G20CB Shutting Down Under Load

Greetings everyoneCurrently running a G20CB 6700 non k I*have a 1080 aero card and my *pc is set up with the two power bricks. Now my problem is because I have to drop my power limit down to 60% . If I do not do that it will shut down my PC under loa...

108º on my G20AJ Motherbpoard !!!

hello everyone I have a problem with my motherboard of the asus rog G20AJ. as soon as I turn on the computer I open the Speccy program and it indicates to me that the board is at 108º, which is physically impossible, so I have concluded that it coul...


GD30CI Windows 10 2004 "May 2020 Update"

GD30CI Windows 10 2004 "May 2020 Update" Any One Have This Asus PC , My GD30 Will Not Install The May 2020 Update , Fails To Install , No Error Message No Notification , Install Fails At 99%My 3rd EOL W10 PC

[G20CB] 1070 GTX Graphics keeps on loosing performance

Hello guys,I've a ROG G20CB with a 1070 GTX for almost 4 years now and I've been noticing some issues with its performance on games. I started to notice some crashes 1,5 years ago and the solution I found was to reduce its Power Target value to 80%, ...

how to add internal storage on GL12?

it says it has extra slots for storage. how do i add internal SSD (not in the swap bay.) and how to add additional drives?i can't find a manual in the box or even tutorial online. please help. i need more storage i have the 8700k/1080/250 m2/1tb/ ve...