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GA35DX CPU Cooling Unit LED Issue

Hi! *I'm a recent addition to the ROG family and have a technical issue I'm hoping the community will be able to assist me with. I purchased a GA35DX and the CPU cooling unit LED is wired weird. I get red when I set it to green and green when I set i...

Asus ROG G20 Video Ideas?!

Hey peeps, I will be getting hold a Asus ROG G20CB coming next week, if you have any questions etc, All these will work for the BM/AJ/CB models and more....Bios questions?Graphics card Upgrade?CPU upgrade?Memory Upgrade?Cooling Issues?M.2 SSD Update?...

ROG strix GL12cx OC and chassis fan management

Hello, I'm new to the PC world but I've spent the last few weeks researching and I just cannot find any information on my issues. I currently have a pre-build ROG strix GL12-cx with some additional components:- 9th gen i7 9700k - RTX 2080 8gb- Vengea...

eg4usdm by Level 7
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How to switch GL12CX from Legucy Bios to UEFI Bios

On my new GL12CX, in order to perform Overclock using AI, (according to asus OC guide) I need to use the UEFI bios utility.Curently, on the motherboard (chipset z390), the Bios Utility installed is Ver. 307.How do I switch to UEFI?Thanks

Sam2299 by Level 7
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Asus ROG G20 M.2 Install Mess

Hello, I have recently installed a Kingston 250 GB NVME M.2 into my Asus G20.At first, I was a bit confused as to how to go about the process until I realized I should boot my entire computer and install Windows again on the M.2.Now, it is not consid...

ROG Claymore with G21CN

Hi,I have a G21CN (GTX 1080, from 2018), and some time ago I purchased a ROG Claymore keyboard, however looks like I can not use many of the feature for this keyboard. For instance, I never managed to Boot Up by long pressing "Enter" or starting up B...

Strix Gl12 hot swap bay not working - solved

I just got a new Samsung 860 EVO for my Strix, and popped it into the hot swap bay, plugged it in and nothing is happening. Is there something else I need to do to get the drive to start working? I'm new to this kind of thing. Thank you.

ajkuras by Level 7
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GA35DX Noise Level / Loud

I bought a GA35DX (Ryzen 9 3900X) a few weeks ago. It runs well and I don't have any issues with it except the fan noise.Even idling on the windows desktop doing nothing the fan noise is loud enough to be annoying. During gaming even with closed head...

johnnyd by Level 7
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Help with G20AJ BIOS setting after bios reset

Hallo everybody, i'm here because i need your helpSome days ago my G20AJ started to say me (at boot time) "New cpu installed, press F1...."followinf many net instruction i decided to change BIOS battery, and resete Bios after battery change, before s...

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