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Ram upgrade for ROG Strix GL12CX prebuilt desktop

im wondering what RAM upgrade is compatible with this system. Currently rocking HyperX fury 32 GB 2666. Would a faster HyperX predator 3200 Mhz work on the GL12Cx. Asking coz RAM is pretty expensive and dont want to get one and end as a paperweight.

Will msi 980ti gaming 6gb fit g20aj?

I have a g20aj with an evga 970 ssc currently installed. Fits great. Found a deal for an msi 980ti gaming 6gb and want to know if it will fit. Also can the cage that holds the gpu be removed? Cant seem to find any specs on the size of cage. The msi ...

Accessing Power supply in ROG GT15

HI allI purchased a have added i need to run USB cameras on a seperate channel to avoid buffering.My question: This PCI card ne...

Please Help With G15CK Computer Freezing

HelloI have the most frustrating problem with my Asus ROG Strix G15CK.The specs are:Intel i10-7000, nvidia 2060 RTX Super, 16gb ram, 1tb ssd, windows 10.So here is the problem....Every few days ill come back to my computer and it will be completely f...

Converting GA35DX back to horizontal mount GPU

I have the GA35DX with the 2080 Ti GPU. It came with the card mounted vertically. Unfortunately, this leaves no room for any other PCIE card or for a 3080/3090. I've managed to remove the GPU to upgrade the M.2 SSD and PCIE WiFi card but I want to...

GA35DX - downgrade bios

How to downgrade bios 308 to 304?Flashback button does not work. the LED does not blink when I hold the button for 3 seconds. I tried to downgrade via bios too. Ez flash reports the file is not valid. I downloaded the 304 file from the asus website. ...

MFrost by Level 9
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G35DX - problem with myasus application

When i was updating windows myasus application stopped working properly. The icons on the left side of the myasus app do not work. eg I can't check if there are any driver updates available. How to repair this problem?

MFrost by Level 9
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Help, rog g21cn huracan spare hdd cable

in the offical upgrade video 2:48 HDD cable inside this computer is black yellow red black,but the mini 4 pins to sata power cables on ebay or aliexpress is either yellow black black red or red black blac...

t0918 by Level 7
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Asus ROG G21CN Armoury Crate Issue

I have an Asus ROG G21CN and alot of other Asus Gear.Trying to use Armoury crate, but the G21CN doesn't show up.ROG Display, ROG Chakram and ROG Strix Fusion 700 show up and sync well.When i use Aura Sync, i can see my system and configure it. But bo...