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G20 aj GPU Upgrade: looking for advice!

Hi all,i read many forum posts about gpu replacement on g20 but i'm still undecidedSome questions:-ASUS Turbo GeForce RTX 2060 vs Msi GTX 1660 TI: will the power brick be able to support them?-Jumpers: i need to modify jumpers setup?Which graphics ca...

Matt88 by Level 7
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HELP_changing GPU in my GA15DH

Hi guy,I have the GA15DH with the 2070 super turbo evo and I want to swap it for a MSI rtx 3080. My question is will it fit inside??Thank youGabriel

Gabgod by Level 7
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asus rog strix ga15dh no signal on monitor

Hi,I have a problem with my computer. Sometimes it happend now around 4 times, when i start my computer i get "no signal" on my Monitor. My RGB light have a red light and the fans is kicking in( i think its my CPU fan) but it just shows no signal. I...

GA15DH RGB light not on during boot up

Hello,I've posted this a couple of days ago but for some reason it went to the laptop section of this forum. Anyway, I'm having some problems with my GA15DH ROG Strix RGB. When I open the PC from shutdown, the RGB lights are always off. It only turns...

daprog by Level 7
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Missing RGB LED options in BIOS of ROG Strix G15 Desktop

Hello everyone! I seem to be missing a few options in the bios of my ROG Strix G15 desktop, particularly the RGB LED options and the Aura hotkey (F4) as seen in my screenshot below. Can anyone guide me how to enable this? The RGB light of my desktop ...

daprog by Level 7
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ASUS ROG G20AJ - GPU Upgrade Questions.

Hi,I plan on upgrading my 1050ti to a 980 (I got it for a steal of a price) but the card is 2.5slots wide.From research I haven't been able to find anything to point to the card being able to physically fit.For reference I plan on trying to install a...

G35DX BIOS vs Strix X570-F MB BIOS

According the specs the GA35DX has the Strix X570-F mainboard but the BIOS verions are different version 310 vs 4xx version. Has anyone tryed to load a Strix X570-F bios on a GA35DX?