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RoG CG 8565

Hello community,I'm just wondering if it's possible to upgrade the Tytan CG8565's GTX 560Ti, to a, lets say GTX670.. Do you know if it is possible?

XVeno by Level 7
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ROG CG 8580 Extreme

Hi,Just bought a ROG CG 8580 Extreme recently during a trade fair . It come with a HDMI cable, understand the system is HDMI ready, but when I connect the HDMI cable from the CPU to the 27" widescreen led monitor, no image ,nothing shown on the monit...

Where the hell do you find one of these?

So, I decided to do a little preliminary research, since I'm likely going to be in the market for a new computer by the end of the calendar year. Since I currently have a G53 I was debating whether or not to get another laptop or a desktop, but I fig...

ROG Tytan CG8580 Upgraded - Video

Our ROG Tytan CG8580 just got upgraded with an Intel Core i7-3770K and GeForce GTX 680, among others. Check out our new video and let us know what you think!(Apologies if i'm not supposed to start this thread, but I had a couple questions I wanted to...

ROG Tytan CG8580 Gaming Performance At 1920×1080 And 5760×1080

If you’re considering the latest ROG CG8580 ‘Tytan’ gaming desktop PC, obviously one key purchasing factor is knowing how well it performs in the latest games. It’s OK to admit you don’t know what a ’4.6GHz Core i7-3770K and GeForce GTX 680′ equates ...

X-ROG by Level 15
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ROG Tytan At CES (And Unboxing Video) me know if you want more on the Tytan and I'll try to arrange it

X-ROG by Level 15
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New ROG TYTAN CG8565 xonar dx NO SOUND - pls help!

Greetings! I would have registered here anyways to introduce myself (sooner or later),but now i had to do so under rather unfortunate circumstences..I am the owner of an ASUS ROG CG8565 (stationary computer, 4.6, 160ssd, Nvidia 590gtx, Xonar sound ca...

Krelian by Level 7
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ROG Tytan Question

On the ROG Tytan would it be possible to customize the internals of the case? For example change the motherboard/coolers ect...?

Xoil by Level 7
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