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ASUS G20AJ suddenly turn off

Hello everyone. I have a ASUS G20AJ for gaming. Yesterday, I literally saw it turning off all of a sudden. What could be the problem? What am I supposed to do? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Asus G20BM GPU / CPU Upgrade

hi guys im sorry if this has been asked many times.but does anyone know the best GPU that will fit the ASUS G20BM ?also the same with a CPU Upgrade thanksJason*

GA35 - To Fan or Not To Fan

Can someone tell me if all GA35's had a fan in the front? I purchased the below and there seems to be only an exhaust fan which is kind of surprising. I purchased another G35 with almost the same specs (3080 vs 3080ti) and noticed it had a fan in th...

Ocnblue by Level 7
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HI I want to update my gpu from a gtx 970 to a ROG-STRIX-GTX1070TI-A8G-GAMING i am not as update on things like used to be gotten older lol! will i have any problems doing this my g20cb was bought in 2015 spec in sigis there anything i need to buy ...


Hey, I'm new here. I have a ASUS ROG STRIX GD30. I'm planning on adding a Liquid Cooling System and a NVME 1tb ... and possibly a 2nd, because I read that there should be two M.2 connectors.Questions: 1) How do you remove the top black section o...

ASUS GA35DX Win11 Bios Update News?

Greetings all, I did a clean install of Win 11 on my GA35DX. Running Ryzen 7, 3700x. Everything is running smooothly. Except for the USB port's behaviours are extremely erractic. Sometimes it's alright. Sometimes when I plug in my external HDDs they ...

Chewy by Level 7
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