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Upgrading memory on ROG CG8890

Is possible to be upgraded memory on Tytan ROG CG8890 to 32 GB (4x8GB) or this action is not possible because the motherboard is OEM and it's locked to 16 GB by BIOS ? Can anyone try to upgrade it already ?

chris76 by Level 7
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Want to buy a Tytan but it's not available in your region? Shout here!

If you want a Tytan but it's not available in your region, it could be because retailers/wholesalers are having trouble gauging interest for gaming PCs. They are high cost, lower volume items so generally speaking they can be more hesitant to stock t...

X-ROG by Level 15
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Questions about CG8480

The CG8480 is the only ROG desktop that I can get from local right now and I'm looking forward to purchase one, but before I go alone and buy it, I got some questions that I need some pros to help me out here I can't find the exact motherboard of the...

Aibee by Level 7
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Asus CG8565 Fan Issue

Hello,I got my Asus CG8565 today, and I noticed through the AI Suite II, that my chassis Fan 1, never kicks in, it remains at 0 rpm all the time, and i'd like to know if this is natural Please, answer ASAP, while i'm still able to return it

XVeno by Level 7
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Rog CG8565

Hi I just bought a set recently and was thinking of doing some customizations to it. Namely changing the motherboard to a maximus v formula and removing the preinstalled aio water cooling to swap with with a corsair h100i aio water cooling. Just wond...

hianyiaw by Level 7
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win 8 on CG8565

hello, does anyone know if I can install windows 8 on my cg 8565 i already try but unsuccesfully whit the instaler of windows also had take out a few program e and the Lan.. i did a restore.. i think some driver missing.. there is a date for this upg...

albertz by Level 7
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TYTAn CG 8890 in italy

hi everyone!i wuold like to buy this monster cg 8890 since june when in presented , i read that must be ready in italy for the half of october for 3000 euro, now is december and nothing happen, also there alot of international site that told new pr...

ASUS CG8580 technical issues prior to purchase

Thought too hear about ASUS CG8580 technical issues prior to purchaseA) I would like to know which motherboard included in the ASUS CG8580.The information I have found on the net that it is an Asus P8Z77 - V Pro Series, is that correct?B) How much m...

Szajda by Level 7
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