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ASUS Rog Strix GL10CS very loud

Level 7

I just bought recently a prebuilt ASUS ROG Strix GL10CS, with specs i5 9400f and Geforce GTX1660. The performance as a whole is really great, the only thing that's really bothering me is that it's quite loud, especially when playing games. Even when in so called silent mode, cpu fan is spinning at around 2100 rpm and a case fan at around 1700 rpm. When playing games, cpu fan often gets above 3000 rpm which gets extremely loud.
I tried controlling the fans speeds with the Argus Monitor software but it doesn't go below 40% which is around the same when BIOS controlled. I'm also afraid of not overheating the cpu if i put the fans at too low speed.

Is there anything i can do to make the pc quieter which won't damage the components? Is it possible to replace the fans with some that would be quieter?
I'm not really experienced when it comes to pcs. Any help would be appreciated

Level 10
Hello lidwig259,
You have really good ears!
2100rpm is really low for a gaming device with all those spec, and there is only 30db when the device is idle!
You may check if there is abnormal sound, other than the spinning sound that generate other noises, such as cable.
and maybe you can consider to put it on the floor instead of the table?
Thank you.

I guess i am just really not used to the sound because i upgraded from a fairly quiet pc. There's no problem with the fans sound if i'm wearing headphones, but otherwise i still find it quite frustrating, especially when the fan noise is the main thing i hear. But i guess that's normal after all?
Anyways, is it possible in this pc to replace the cpu fan because this one is the loudest and makes the most annoying noise. If so, could you recommend any?

Oh, and i'm keeping the pc on the floor already. It helps a little, but i still find the cpu fan noise annoying.
Thank you again for responding.