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ASUS ROG G20CB (GTX 1070 Model) Overheating

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Hi all,

So I recently purchased the G20CB with the 1070 GPU in it, and found that it heats up EXTREMELY quick and shuts itself off, unless I cut back the power draw to 50-60-70%, depending on the demand placed on the card.

I opened it and messed the jumpers, and noticed I didn't have JDR11 (whatever the single jumper was), but did have the other 5. I tried moving them all up, all down, 1 down and 4 up, and 2 down and 3 up, trying to balance the power supply with the demand of the graphics card.

It is currently connected with an 8-pin to 8-pin, and I've seen other people upgrade/have 1070s installed with just that sole connector.

Any suggestions from you all? I'm pretty much stumped at this point other than massively underclocking the GPU and taking a severe performance hit.

PS: The forum is not allowing me to upload a .gif or .png file to post a photo, but when I benchmark the GPU (and turn it off in about 10-20 seconds when it hits 80-82C), on GPU-Z, I get a "Pwr" PerfCap Reason. Maybe it's related to the PSU?

Thank you.

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The indicator in GPUZ is telling you're hitting a TDP limit on the card, which is fairly normal if you've not raised it beyond 100% or if you've lowered it. As for the shutting down, if the unit is new I'd consider returning it for a replacement.
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Unfortunately I bought it from a friend, not a retailer, so I'm kinda stuck with it. I have to fix it on my own.