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ASUS ROG G20AJ Video card upgrade

Level 7
So I am the owner of the ROG G20AJ model of desktop PC. It has the i5 core, GTX 750 gpu, and what I believe is the 230w power adapter. Recently my video card has been struggling so I purchased a GTX 750ti as a replacement as well as upgrade. The only difference I know of between these two is 5w of needed power. After removing my old card, taking the adapter off and sticking it on the new GTX 750ti, plugging it in and attempting to boot it tells me that I need to plug the GPU into the PCI-e slot(Which I am really certain I did).

Seeing as with the new gpu my PC will not boot should I purchase the 180w power adapter as well? What is my go-to fix here? I am not certain what the issue is and am wondering if anyone has any ideas. 😞

As a side note, I cannot install in a modular power supply, hell, I can't use a power supply.

Level 7
I know this sounds dumb but if it's telling you to plug the GPU make sure it correctly into place. Sometimes it's not fully inserted into the slot.
I don't think it's a power issue right now. Otherwise you would get no video through the GPU. The on board graphics works. If so try seeing if the card is in the device manager. If the device manager doesn't pick it up it might not be inserted properly or there is an issue with the card. You might have to try the card in another PC if you have one. Hope this helps.
After it's installed properly if the GPU gives no single then you do need the other power brick.