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Asus ROG G20 AJ SSD Help

Level 7

I installed an 850 evo 250gb after using their data migration software to clone the HDD onto the SSD. It all worked. I read that the best way to make the device primary is to disconnect the power and SATA for the main HDD and then turn it on. I did that, check the bios, and the bios did recognize the 850 EVO. I simply turned it off after getting to the login screen and then went back into the case to rehook up the HDD. But upon turning it on, it seems that my HDD is still coming up as primary.

Is it because I haven't formatted the HDD yet? I was going to format it right now once I turned it on after installing everything. Please help 😞

Level 7
- I managed to get the SSD to boot first, but to do it I had to go in the bios and disable the sata port which the TOSHIBA HDD is in. Any ideas on how to turn that back on and still keep my SSD as primary?
- I'm not sure how I can format the HDD, as well when I enable the port, it boots through that.

Level 10
Did you try changing the boot order in the Bios once you enable the port?
Asus G20CB - Core i7 6700, Nvidia GTX980, 16GB Ram, 256GB SK Hynix SSD, 1TB Samsung SSD.

Level 11
is the ssd install above the optic drive? if so I had the same issue and it toke me agaes till my ssd was picked up, yeah as Chillin said, try to see what boot order it is in, you need to set that ssd as first choice to boot up from

In order to solve the problem:
-Plug back your HDD (keep the SSD disconnected) and create a Windows Recovery Drive. (Link )
-Then, boot on it and delete the HDD primary boot partition (EFI Partition or MBR) by using DISKPART with the CMD.
-Command Lines to insert:

  • Diskpart
  • List Volume
  • Select Volume * (Replace the * with the number of the 100MB FAT32 partition , do the same with the "Recovery" partition)
  • Delete

-Plug back you're SSD with the HDD and Reboot.

Edit: As you've cloned your HDD to your SSD, in the CMD: List disk - Select Disk * (Choose your HDD) - Clean