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ASUS GA35DX Win11 Bios Update News?

Level 7
Greetings all,

I did a clean install of Win 11 on my GA35DX. Running Ryzen 7, 3700x.
Everything is running smooothly. Except for the USB port's behaviours are extremely erractic.
Sometimes it's alright. Sometimes when I plug in my external HDDs they seem to connect/ disconnect. No telling when.
I cannot work when my file transfers keep getting interrupted.

Currently on the latest chipsets and Bios 310 too. I do understand that the GA35DX is running a X570 -F, prolly hybrid. Therefore, the X570-F latest bios will not work on this rig.

Wiil the new Bios for GA35DX, optimised for Win11 come any time soon? Any news?
Any one experience the same problems?

Level 10
Me too, What is the outlook?

I Just was told that there are no BIOS updates expected by the helpdesk for this system. This us unacceptable for me... I just have the system for 8 monthes and it would not be too much work to do that as for all other x570 mainboards.

Please reply on this message if you expect better from ASUS.

There is a new bios available for G35DX. Download from
It only mentions Optimize system performance, so who knows what the optimizations are 🙂

The AGESA level is still (See in the main screen of the bios : Combo V2_1180) ... that version was released in in December 2020. The least AGESA version is now AGESA and includes a lot of new features eg 5800X3D . For all DIY mainboard (70+) ASUS has released a AGESA bios, only the all in one systems remain on the old AGESA version.

New bios available.