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Asus G20CB CPU and GPU Updated.

Level 9
The G20CB updated with new hardware :

The side case of where you see the two fans and the GPU who is changed from a GTX 980 to a GTX 1080 :


The two fans out of the way and you could see the CPU cooler :


Closer look at the CPU cooler :


The CD / DVD drive to the left moved to make it easier to reach the cooler screws :


The CPU cooler out of the way and you could see the i7-6700HQ 3.4 Ghz CPU.If you want to change the ram memory more easy i guess its time for this now :


Closer look at the Cleaned i7-6700HQ 3.4Ghz CPU :


The new i7-6700K 4.0Ghz CPU in place :


The new CPU in place and locked to the motherboard :


Computer started up and identify the new CPU right away :


Fonzie Bulldog ready with the fire extinguisher if something didnt go as we expected.It went well this time :


Everything running smooth and easy and the CPU degree is strange enough the same as with the 3.4Ghz CPU but its a faster G20CB by this date.
Over and Out. 🙂


Level 11
under your dvd drive area is your area to put a m.2 slot to fit yourself a ssd, personally don't think its worth putting in a K model cpu as the pc won't overclock, mainly down to the poor design cpu coolier. but great pics dude

Welsh Gaming

The i7-6700K was lying around and interested if the G2O could manage this CPU i installed it.Rather surprised that it is running as cool as it does with this CPU and to the bonus it even got a little bit faster without overclocking.(And have a nice day Welsh Whoopee). 🙂

LOL ... Stress tested the updated G20CB with Asus Real Benchmark test for one hour when i was curious over its updated behavior with the CPU parked at 100% all the test time, and it didnt burn up.Happy about that it was cleared from any blue screens or breakdowns but will probably dont run a nasty software like this again on my nice little ROG G20CB who now is cooling down after this brave battle.In the same time i think its amazing that this small and closed G20 box could manage to do this GREAT work.

Level 11
its a great alittle system, glad its went well mate 🙂

CB Series G20 / GeekBench 4 score: (Single Core Test) Win10

i7 6700: 4361
i7 6700K: 4749

Keep in mind the scores are under normal running conditions.

you still running the 6700k ? is it stable ?

will the h170 board run anything higher stable or is this about its limit ?

Gamers Don't Die !! - We Respawn 😄

Level 9
Hello again everybody.

The earlier upgraded G20CB still runs just GREAT and got its ram memory raised from 16GB to 32GB.

FonzieBulldog wrote:
Hello again everybody.

The earlier upgraded G20CB still runs just GREAT and got its ram memory raised from 16GB to 32GB.


Interested in upgrading myself. My G20CB has EVGA founders 1070 already. Does the I7 6700K at 4ghz make much difference?

I defo want ram upgrade, did you go for single or dual ram and thinking on an m.2 nvme install.


Hi guys,

I bought a new ASUS ROG G20CB-DB71-GTX1070 with a i7-6700K 3.4Ghz CPU.
I am having some bottenecking emulators and I'd like to upgrade the CPU.
I have upgraded the BIOS from build date 2016 to the current build in 2018 - version 2202 and the Intel Chipset Driver V10.1.1.13 built on 2016/12/08

I've read on forums here and there that an updated BIOS will enable this motherboard to accept 7th gen Intel CPU.
I'd like to drop in an i7-7700K 4.2GHz.

Is this possible?