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Asus G20AJ - Very long boot, then freezes after a few minutes and reboots

Level 7
Hello, very proud (and scared) owner of a G20AJ here.
Everything was going pretty good, a month ago I swapped the small SSD for a far larger one, and everything went fine.
However, a few days ago, I got very uncharacteristic freezes during my playthrough of Dark Souls Remastered (not really a demanding game), and the freezes were on the "whole" computer not only the game. When I restarted, I was greeted with an unusually long boot time, followed by a RAID warning that I promptly ignored. A few days go by without any issues, and I can play normally again.
However, yesterday, when playing dark souls, my PC started freezing repeatidly (audio + video) until game wasn't playable at all. Complete freeze. The PC shuts down, and restarts. After a long boot, I try opening opera and i get these huge freezes again, then a restart.

What I tried :
> Opening the computer to do a CMOS reset
> Reinstalling windows using a usb key
> Booting without anything connected to the computer

What I noticed :
When reinstalling windows, or booting in modes where the gpu is inactive in general, the PC has no problem. Does this have anything to do with the GPU not receiving enough power somehow ? 😞

Thanks for reading me.

Level 7
Instant udpate : For some reason, my PC booted using integrated graphics even though the HDMI cable is on the GPU card...

Level 11
hello, maybe I can help. what is your specs of the pc, is yours the i7-4790? and what GPU do you run? do you have the 2 power bricks? when playing games do you run any other software in the background? does the fans on your pc ramp up hard when playing the game?

thanks Whoopee