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ASUS G20 Light effect (Audio Sync)

Level 7
Hi guys, I just got a ROG G20CB recently, I just installed the AEGIS ii and trying to mess with it but when it comes to the Audio sync with the light, it only works with the internal soundcard (Realtek) which means it only works with speaker or headset that plugs to the front or back 3.5mm Jack. I wonder is there any way to make it work with other audio device through usb port?

It shows like this in the AudioDetectLog file:
" GetTargetAudioDevice, GetSysInfo from 0xD0B00000 (Realtek High Definition Audio)"

I also tried replacing the " Realtek High Definition Audio "in the Lighting.ini to my usb headphone's name but it does not work either.

I don't think there will be a update for the Aegis anymore so i think if someone can make it work with another audio device it should be the users.

Thank you.