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ASUS G11CD Bios settings

Level 7
Hi there,

I have just got a G11CD (non K) tower and has the following specs

16gb ddr4 2133, im about to upgrade with another identical stick in the spare slot
GTX 1080 Turbo 8gb
Sandisk 512gb SSD

I have had a look around the Bios for tweaks, but this oem motherboard h110-i/g11cd/dp_mb seems rather basic.
The bios boots into advanced mode, but no options for XMP profiles that i can see, is there a way to switch between EZ Mode and Advanced mode, as i only see advanced mode from boot and F2?

Also should i be able to tweak the rams settings?

Not complaining as the system is a leap ahead from my old rig, and i know im not running an Uber God mode motherboard, but the G11CD is listed under the ROG brand and I'd hoped for more tweaking and overclocking options.

If anyone has a better knowledge of the ASUS bios-es than myself (wont be hard) please could i get some tips and tricks to help get the most out of my rig?

Thanks in advance

Level 7

I have had a look in the bios file using amibcp 5.0.1 and can see a load of options that are not showing when I go into the bios on my PC.

The main one that stands out to me (the uninitiated) is the AI Tweaker section that is not available to me in the bios. How would i go about making that section available in the bios? is it just changing the the default to user?

Thanks in advance of any help


Level 13
The Bios Is Fixed On These Asus Hybrid Motherboards , U Can Only Change Whats Offered In The Bios , Nothing Else , Not Like A Non Hybrid Motherboad , I Have A GD30CI You Are Stuck As Is , There Is No Unlockable Bios Available , Select Performance In Bios If There Is That Option , and Save Settings , All Asus PC Builds Have Locked Bios Even GT51 A $5000 PC That Was Offered A Few Years Ago, I Sold That Model Had Over Heating Issue Asus Could Not Fix Went Through 3 RMA's New PC Each Time

Check G11CD Download Page For Bios Update And Other Updates , NEVER FORMAT And Never Install A Clean Version Of Windows On The PC Copy Your Esupport Folder Keep It Safe , Free Games


Thanks for your reply, sucks really as the hardware in my rig begs to be optimized.

My PC came fresh win 10 installed and no Esupport folder or recovery partition, should I be worried?

Annoying that the bios has so many extra properties and options that are locked / hidden away, and the lack of AI Tweaker tab is disappointing.

cant complain too much as its a reasonably strong PC for the money i paid out.

Thanks again, and fingers crossed for a bios update, but wont hold my breath as last one was over a year ago (1002)

UserBenchmarks: Game 99%, Desk 75%, Work 54%
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700 - 73.6%
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 - 118.2%
SSD: Sandisk SD8SB8U512G1002 512GB - 83.3%
HDD: Toshiba P300 3TB - 77.6%
HDD: Lacie Rikiki USB 3.0 500GB - 53.5%
RAM: Samsung M378A2K43BB1-CPB 2x16GB - 74.9%
MBD: Asus G11CD

Level 13
There Is An Asus Folder With All The Orignal Drivers , Software , Somewhere On PC , Maybe The Folder Is Called "Asus Install" On You PC , Do Not Be Worried , But U Need The Folder With All Software , In Case U Ever Do A Clean Install Of W10 , Otherwise Some Orignal Software Will Not Update ,
You Colud Always Copy The C Drive


I have had a look through all the drives and partitions and theres no ASUS folders at all, when I received the PC there were no asus tools or utilities installed, just a fresh Win 10 installation, maybe the person i got it from wiped the PC before shipping it to me.

I've downloaded most of the tools from the help-desk page for the G11CD, so hopefully I'm not missing anything too important.

Cheers again for your help

Level 13
One Of The Biggest Issues Is Audio , If PC Was Wiped , As These Machines Have Special Asus Audio Drivers Most times , Use Am Older Asus 8.1 driver for Audio to Get 5.1 sound , As W10 is a problem for 5.1 , Microsoft Support Gave Me Tool, So My Audio Driver Will Never Be Over Written By W 10 Update , People Do Not Know Microsoft Has Driver Block Tool ,

Would you have a recommendation for a motherboard upgrade that will be compatible with my CPU and memory?

2x Samsung 16GB 1X16GB M378A2K43BB1 PC4-17000 DDR4 2133MHz

I know i'd need a micro atx board but im unsure about compatibility


Level 13
PM Nate He Will Tell You , Just Tell Him What U Use Pc For , He Will Help U Build It , Asus Motherboards Fit In These Cases , you can Also Add Water Cooling in these Cases And Most Things From MB U Have you can add to New MB

Thanks for all your help, PM sent, let's see what they suggest, I'm looking at the PRIME B360M-A as it seems a good fit, and reviews seem good too.