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Welcome to the forums!

Not sure that your system is under warranty anymore, but even if it is not under warranty and if it makes sense, consider checking with your local ASUS support to see if they can offer any options you would be interested in, but personally do not like putting too much money into an out-of-warranty system in case something else goes wrong later.


As far as onboard graphics go for the G20CI, you can just check the back of the unit or user manual to see that there are no graphics outputs for the onboard CPU graphics.
If you want to compare with the earlier G20AJ model which does include an output for onboard CPU graphics as in the FAQ below, the difference will be more obvious.

Unfortunately, the G20 models use a customized case and customized motherboard, so am not aware of other motherboards that would fit this non-standard case.


US Customer Loyalty Agent
alcheryong76, unfortunately the G20CI uses a customized motherboard, so do not know of other motherboard alternatives you can use.

If there is nothing wrong with your motherboard, don't expect ASUS support/repair will have any reason to change your motherboard, but thought you may want to check what it would take to fix/replace the vga card to see if it is something you would be interested in.

Otherwise, not sure if you have any stores you trust, but you may also want to check if they could help you replace the vga card (with a cheaper version just to get the system running again?) assuming that the vga card is the problem which we may still need to wait for confirmation though.

If you are more concerned about the data on the hard drive rather than getting the system working again, you can always try to find an adapter for the hard drive to connect to another computer, or ask a store you trust to help with this.


US Customer Loyalty Agent
alcheryong76, yes, although the G20CI is a unique system, you may want to go with a more standardized system next time if it makes sense.

Also, not sure if the issue is really a problem with the vga card or not (I assume you can still boot to Windows and see the desktop?), but if you think it's worth your time and trouble, thought you may just want to check with your local ASUS support/repair to see what it would take to get your out-of-warranty system checked or running again just to confirm it will not be worth it or they don't have better options to offer you assuming you purchased the unit locally.

The ASUS global website specs will list the cards we ship with the G20CI, but since it is a gaming system, there haven't been any very low-end cards that are approved although I'm not sure what happens if you try them, so may still be worth looking into if it will not be too big of a deal if it doesn't work.
Unfortunately, ASUS has very limited information about upgrades in these systems sold complete and we just approve what we sell with the systems and repair whatever is broken, so you may want to check around more with other people or places.
As far as the PSU goes, expect your system came with both the 180W and 230W power supplies to use with the GTX1070, so you should already have the maximum power configuration.
Don't expect it will be as much of an issue with lower-end vga cards, but you can see higher-end cards in at least a couple different cooling designs where one design blows out the hot air through the back of the case and another blows it back inside the case and lets the system blow out the hot air.
We also use a proprietary vga card design for the G20CI, so you do need to be a little careful about the dimensions of the card you will replace it with and make sure it will fit okay (as well as make sure you have the correct power connections for the vga card which should be more of an issue with higher-end cards) which hopefully will not be as much an issue with a lower-end card .
Anyway, it can be a good idea to take apart the system if you are able to safely and get a good idea of the type and size of card installed in your system before you look for a replacement.
If it makes sense, you may want to find a local store to help find, test, and install, a card for you that works if you would rather not spend the time and trouble, but expect you have less to worry about going with a lower-end vga card.

Just a reminder that ASUS doesn't approve customers to disassemble the unit, so if you are concerned about anything going wrong, suggest taking it to someone you trust (I may be a bit of a worrier, but don't want customers to get into trouble and will probably not be able to help very much from my end if something does go wrong), but you should be able to find some videos online although they may be for a different G20 model rather than the G20CI, but will hopefully be close enough.
If you check the sticky thread copied below in this sub-forum, there is some information from a customer about the G20AJ which again is a different model, but can hopefully give you a good idea what is involved.

Good luck!