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Accessing Power supply in ROG GT15

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HI all

I purchased a

and have added
as i need to run USB cameras on a seperate channel to avoid buffering.

My question: This PCI card needs power from either
1 x internal Molex 4 pin power connector
1 x internal SATA 15 pin power connector

Does anyone know
1: How to access the power supply - I can't find any info online. I can get inside but the only screws I could find disconnect the power supply from the case itself - but not access it.
2: Does the power supply have free sockets to make this happen or will I need to upgrade it?

Any knowledge you have is appreciated



US Customer Loyalty Agent
Welcome to the forums!

It may vary from region to region, but you may want to check with your local ASUS support that what you will do will not cause any issues with warranty if that matters.

Anyway, if you want to access the power supply, you just need to remove the 'other side' door.

Was checking the website for the card you added and wondering if you have already tried to physically plug-in the card or check if it fits since it appears to be a PCIe x4 card and your desktop only has a PCIe x16 and a PCIe x1 slot according to the website specs, so just wanted to make sure that would not be an issue if you use the PCIe x16 slot which is normally what your discrete video card would be using.

Also consider asking a store you trust for help with this project if it makes sense.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the message.

1. funny enough I looked at the back of the machine and saw the other Door yesterday! So I found a way and wanted to list it here but thanks for taking the time to answer.
2. On the second point.... I actually had an Double Ethernet Card plugged in that same socket which was also PCI 4. So i was thinking that it will also work...lets see. The cable should be here tomorrow so I will update once I know.

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Thanks for the update and glad you could locate the power supply location.

Not sure if you mean you are using the PCIe x16 slot which should work with PCIe x4 cards from what I know, but usually those desktops have a VGA card installed in the PCIe x16 slot, so was wondering if you had one too and removed it, and are just running onboard CPU graphics.

Anyway, as long as the set-up works for you, that's great.