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980 TI's

Level 7
I know a lot of people have upgraded to the 980 TI, and have either used Afterburner or have got the 330W Dell Power Supply. I wanted to ask you guys if you are using the Referenced Design Card, or a SC card, and exactly what cards will fit that would the be the best option. Thanks in advanced.

Level 8
Good, since they are the same I`ll head for Zotac as its available for me to purchase it.

980Ti show very very great in the charts of comparisons thats why I feel getting this would be a good choice.

Tnx for the info.

Now I`m more focused on getting a good PSU for this.

Level 8
Also does both products (zotac and Asus) have the same technologies like G sync and stuff?

For instance details below those products shows only Asus version talking about G-sync.


The other thing is, gtx 980 has 2x 6-pins power connectors but gtx 980 ti has 6-pin + 8-pin. Would my G20 have the necessary connectors?

Any gpu later than the gtx 650ti with displayport supports G-Sync. Your monitor has to have G-Sync technology in order for your gpu to take advantage of it.

That's a good question about the pcie power cables and it's good you brought that up. You'll want to check to be sure you have the 6pin and 8 pin pcie cables, take a look inside your case and see if you have them.

Level 8
It seems like it has it.

On another thread I can see that people are talking about having 330w dell/alienware PSU would highly increase the performance.

Do we have multiple Alienware 330w PSU`s? which one is intended here?

Level 8
Hey Nadles,

I disabled my SATA HDD and replaced my 32G kingstone with a 512G 850 Pro Samsung SSD. it has been the best seller in 2015 as far as I researched and I gotta say it works amazingly fast.

Did you mean I can use Zotac GTX980Ti with my 230W stock PSU? only need to use afterburner not to let it use over that power wattage?

-How is the performance with this method? for instance in a game like GTA5.
-How is this underclocking being done? Can you kindly tell me the exact things which must be done with MSI Afterburner?


On another subject, I came across this:

EVGA GTX980Ti SuperClocked

Zotac GTX980Ti

Both look like the same and reference, so they would fit into a G20.
Question is with EVGA reference version Superclocked we can have more Clock speed with the reference dimensions.
Should I chose EVGA SC version instead of Zotac?

Also can I myself overclock the Zotac reference unoverclocked version to the measures that EVGA SC version is overclocked?

Yeah you can overclock the zotac and is the one to go with since it is cheaper. The 980ti can draw up to 250w, I'd go with the 330w power brick as the 230w may not be enough.

Level 8
Hey nate, tnx for these answers during these times I`m deciding 🙂 really appreciate it 🙂

-So overclocking the Zotac reference can be done to the measure that EVGA reference superclocked has it correct?

-Since I`m gonna use it in a G20, would having the fan working on higher percentage suffice to keep the heat out?

-in MSI Afterburner, do I need to just raise the Core Clock from the hanlde in the middle to the desired MHZ amount and it will show on the left side? like this picture? see the pic

-If I go with underclocking my VGA until I get my 330w PSU, how can I know that I`m playing with the wattage? I can only see that MSI afterburner has Voltage measures.

I wouldn't even try the 980ti with the 230w psu just to avoid problems and possibly damaging the 980ti, an under powered psu can damage the 980ti as well as the psu.

I'd crank the fan to 100% to ensure the lowest possible temps.

And yes when overclocking all you need to do is slide the sliders and test for stability and you can overclock to the specs of the evga superclocked 980ti and probably a little further.

Level 7
Im playing with 230W. PSU and Msi afterburner set the power 92 % and it is working very well.
Never has been shootdown. And im playing at 4k.
Never over 86 Celsius, with fan speed auto.
If the gtx980ti needs more Than 230W. afterburner only denie these without damage nothing
I must to say that it is not normal that over 230W Was necesary.

I had i7 4790. 16 Gb ram. and asus reference card. (whithout overvlocking) and whithout the metal grill into the G20AJ

Level 8
Tnx man, Hows the performance on games like GTA5, Far Cry or other hefty games with this config? any flicker? or smooth quality?

Do you do these games on ultra setting?

Only you set the power on 92% and thats it?

By the way, currently I`m using Asus GPU TWEAK and it works fine. Should I use Afterburner for better results? I checked EVGA Precision, MSI Afterburner and Asus GPU TWEAK they all seem the same to me!.