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2 ROG Computers file sharing Wifi Mystery

Level 7

I have a puzzle here that maybe someone can figure out. Because I don't understand.

My ROG computers are doing what they are supposed to do and I want them to be able to share their folders between the two computers. So, on File Explorer, I can see the desktop files on the laptop, and vice versa. Both computers show up in the "network" in File Explorer. Which is great. However, I do not understand why. The desktop (Windows 11) and the laptop (windows 10) are on different Wi-Fi frequency networks from the wifi modem and there is no ethernet cable connecting them. Also, the Windows 11 desktop wifi adapter is not working properly, so it does NOT see the 2.4 ghz wifi. Both computers are able to do email and browse the internet via their different wifi networks.

2 PC wifi mystery.jpg