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Welcome to the ROG Connect! Please read our guideline!

Community Agent

Welcome to the ROG Connect!

We encourage you to discuss any questions, reviews, tips, and news about the ROG Phone. However, for Hardware & Software Support, please ask them in the ROG Care or Zentalk Community .

1. ROG Care -> Hardware & Software Support -> Gaming Phones. Link: [ROG Care - Gaming Phones]
2. ZenTalk Community for the ROG Phone series by following this link: [ZenTalk Community - ROG Phone Series]

Furthermore, please ensure that you comply with our Forum Rules.

ROG Connect Rules:

1. Respectful Communication: Please engage in discussions with respect and courtesy towards other users. Avoid personal attacks, insults, or offensive language.

2. Relevant Content: Ensure that your posts are related to the ROG Phone or topics that are relevant to the forum. Off-topic discussions should be avoided.

3. No Explicit or Offensive Material: Do not post any explicit, offensive, or sexually suggestive content. This includes images, links, or text that may be considered inappropriate.

4. Intellectual Property and Copyright: Respect the intellectual property rights of others. Do not share copyrighted materials without proper permission.

5. No Spamming or Advertising: Avoid excessive self-promotion, spamming, or advertising of products or services unrelated to the ROG Phone.

6. Privacy and Personal Information: Do not share personal information of yourself or others without their consent. Respect the privacy of fellow forum members.

7. Moderation and Forum Guidelines: Follow the instructions of forum moderators and adhere to additional guidelines they may provide.

8. Multiple Accounts: Please refrain from creating multiple accounts or impersonating other users.

9. Constructive Feedback: Provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvements to enhance the ROG Phone experience. Avoid baseless complaints or unnecessary negativity.

10. Compliance with Laws and Policies: Ensure that your posts and actions align with local laws and the forum's terms of service.

By participating in this forum, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these rules. Failure to comply may result in warnings, post-deletions, and temporary or permanent bans, depending on the severity and frequency of the violation.

We have organized some fundamental discussions. Here are the links to the discussion boards:

1. ROG Vision
2. Profiles sharing
3. Themes & Wallpapers

Please engage in discussions within the appropriate forum based on the topic and feel free to start a conversation on other ROG Phone matters as well.