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Tutorial for Creating AniMe Vision

Level 11

Hello everyone, it's been a while!

Previously, I shared a tutorial on how to customize ROG Vision, and I'm sure many of you are curious about how to incorporate GIFs into the new ROG Phone 8 Pro. There's also been a surge of interest in AniMe Vision on the forum, so I'm here to provide some guidance.


Firstly, the simplest way to create AniMe Vision is by using hand-drawn illustrations with filters (as many of you already know!).

Now, to incorporate GIFs into AniMe Vision, there are several important factors to consider:

  • 1Image Size: 254*128
  • GIF Location: /Download
  • Size Limit: 100KB to 1MB
  • The image should have a black background with white graphics, and it shouldn't be too complex.

For using GIFs, you can utilize this website:

First, use the Crop tool to roughly adjust the image proportions, then use Resize to adjust the size to 254*128. If the original image is complex in color, you can choose grayscale from the Effects option to convert it into grayscale. After exporting, simply place the GIF into the "Download" folder on your phone to import it into AniMe Vision.

(The process of creating AniMe Vision is generally simpler compared to ROG Vision since it skips the step of modifying code afterward, but creating visually appealing results requires careful selection.)

For guidance on using ezgif, you can refer to the video from the previous article.

You can also incorporate images, but they need to be converted to GIF files (PNG, JPG). This part can also be learned from the previous tutorial article.

It's advisable not to use overly complex images, as they might appear blurry and unclear. For better results, you may need to fine-tune them in editing software. If you're not familiar with editing software, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll be happy to assist when I have the time.😃

ROG ♡❤

Level 7

hey, i have a qustion. can i use a paint for creating a pictures? i mean for gif. pic 1 pic 2 etc? and after that create a gif file?