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Rog phone 6 firmware .157 when

Level 9

.159 and .166 have both come out.

And when I go to phone security tab on my 6, I see 



Level 9

Please for the love of God put the new versions in the support download section we people can do it manually since the OTA ppl are getting updates, if this is how it's going and going to continue, tencent versions clearly have a disadvantage and might as well either not get one period because of initial price always, or CHANGE YOUR METHODOLOGY WHEN IT COMES TO SUPPORTING YOUR SUPPORTERS THAT SUPPORT YOUR BRAND!

Level 9

Ppl who had their tecent version should have realized the risk before they did it, right? That's their, and also your choice.... Mine at .166 and has normal security patch on Sep. 1st...

Yes OTA have always been unavailable, known and accepted, but they've always kept the manual method as an option and kept it updated w current OTA offerings for download, but the last 2 OTA have not been placed in support for download for whatever reason , that is the subject of frustration, never had a firmware difference between tencent and non until this, I've had a phone 5 and now 6, always up to date available.