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ROG Instant Master


Sometimes adjusting macros or configuring buttons can get a bit complicated if you just want to jump into a game and have fun, that’s why we have the ROG Instant Master feature!
With this feature, you can easily just download a ready-made setup for the game you are playing.

The ROG Instant Master can be found if you bring up the Game Genie menu in-game in the game you are playing (In supported games) and select “ROG Instant Master” or if you go into Armoury Crate, go to your “Game Library”, and select “Scenario Profiles”.




Here you can find some already-made Macros for you to experiment with, a Macro is a combination of inputs that you can create and then later use with the press of a single button, turning a complex combination of presses into a simple automated process, or using one button for a single press of preference.

In this case, we can see that they even have an explanation of what they do, making sure you spend less time configuring and more time gaming!



With ROG Instant Master you can also download specific functions mapped to your AirTriggers which are customized to act as button presses on the screen, to give you more flexibility on how you want to play. If you now desire to manually adjust what you want the buttons to do, then you can go and make that adjustment! This way you can make the gameplay tailored to fit your needs.

If you now have an AeroActive Cooler attached, you can find settings for it too. For this you can follow the same way of opening your game, triggering Game Genie inside of your game and pressing Instant Master, or if you want a more detailed version of what the Macros do you can just simply open Armoury Crate, select your game and go into Scenario Profiles, if you scroll down you can find the ROG Instant Master and a bigger box, describing what/which buttons are selected.


You can also customize the buttons by going into AirTriggers in Game Genie by selecting Cooler buttons, in here you can adjust the symbols that show up on your screen (R1, R2, L1, L2) which correspond to a respective button, finally moving them to the position of the “screen button” you want to press.


Now you can go and grab yourself some macros and keep on gaming!


Level 7

Why I can't found rog instant master in my rog phone 7


Hi and thanks for your question!
Instant Master shows up only on supported games 🙂