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New cameras in ROG phones 8!!! Why might this not be enough?

Level 7

Have you ever thought of ROG Phone as a video recording phone?
It has the best cooling possible, the ability to bypass the battery, and good camera performance. The OIS is especially cool.
ROG phone 8 is potentially the best smartphone capable of consistently shooting hundreds of megabits to its impressive 1TB of storage. For hours on end.
So, why am I worried?

In general, there are 3 main areas of pro-shooting on smartphones:
1. Photos with GCAM mods.
For the best photos on the market, you need to give it access to RAW 50 mp frames. At least at 20 fps.

2. Video via mcpro24fps.
Just advanced video recording that allows you to turn off the hardware noise reduction (turning off MFNR would be great too), hardware sharpening and set the highest possible bitrate. (On my old ZF 8 I can write at 300 mbps)
This is necessary in order to process the video later on a computer using a video editor or AI.

3. RAW video via MotionCam.
It is difficult, but RAW video allows you to achieve incredibly results in 4k 30.
Will the sensor be able to provide full-frame 12 mp 60 fps? Or 50 mp 30 fps?
These are challenges that can only be answered by the limitless speed and power of ROG phones.

What can go wrong now?
1.I'm scared of the 8k 24 fps in the new IMX890, the Internet says it can do 30 fps.
But there is no significant difference between 8k 24 and 8k 30, why is this important?

When switching IMX686 -> IMX766, we lost not only 8k 30, Asus Phones on IMX686 could shoot 64 megapixel 20 fps video, and IMX766 only 50 megapixel 10 fps.
10 fps is absolutely unusable for video, and worse, unusable for photos. Mods for GCAM just crash with an error. It's a terrible downgrade.
And now I'm afraid that the new Zen/ROGphone will remain with 10 fps RAW and its photos will remain terribly average.

Nevertheless, the ability to take 64 mp photos on 6-8 Zen/ROGphone is cool, thanks for the opportunity.

2. Most of the necessary modes in mcpro24fps do not work (EIS, any 60 fps, most 120+ fps modes. Even with the correct opcode), however, it may be easier to help the author enable them than to make similar functionality in the stock camera.
If this is in the stock camera (in pro mode or whatever), then it will already be the best camera on the market for video.

3. 50 megapixels at 10 fps is super terrible, but for video it would be more important to get 4k 60 fps RAW.
I've noticed that many vendors have already paid attention to MotionCam, the new IQOOs already have 4k60 RAW, Samsung also made a fix specifically for them.
However, unlike ROGphones, they all get terribly hot and destroy the battery. This is a niche only for the best hardwire.

What do you think? Is anyone else trying to serious shoot with Asus phones?