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How to Set Up a GIF & Barcodes on ROG Phone's ROG Vision(Key points for the update)

Level 11

Greetings, everyone!

Today, I am thrilled to share with you an article about how to create your own ROG Vision for the ROG Phone series. ROG Vision is not limited to displaying text and images; it also has the capability to showcase captivating GIFs! Furthermore, you can effortlessly incorporate barcodes and QR codes into it. By combining it with the grip squeeze function, you can activate the X Mode, which proves to be incredibly convenient when a cashier asks you to present a barcode.


Let's imagine a scenario, folks.


Cashier:Please present your membership barcode.

Me: Time for a true display of skill 🙂

Cashier:Oh my goodness!!! It's absolutely extraordinary!!!!isn't it? The sheer marvel of what we have just witnessed is beyond comprehension!!! It defies logic and surpasses our wildest imaginations!!! so awesome- inspiring, that it leaves us in a state of profound wonderment!!!!! It is as if the boundaries of what we believed to be possible have been shattered, opening up a world of limitless possibilities!!!!!!!


Me:Hey! guy,calm down please LOL

ok, dude, you have successfully captured her attention.



Isn't this a pretty cool feature, huh?


Without further ado, let's delve into the process of creating your own ROG Vision.
Let's start with GIF images:

1.Begin by downloading a GIF image that resonates with your preferences.

2.Head over to the website, where you can edit the size of your GIF. Use the crop tool to roughly adjust the proportions of the GIF file into a long, rectangular shape.  

(Make sure to consider the dimensions of your ROG Vision, as you wouldn't want your image to appear distorted or compressed like it has been run over by a vehicle.)


 3.Next, utilize the "resize" function to adjust the size of the GIF to 256x64 pixels.


4.After resizing the GIF,save it, navigate to and click on the top-left corner to open the GIF file. Then, drag the program code...

5.Move to the final line and input the following hexadecimal code: 00 21 FE 06 52 4F 47 47 30 31 00 3B. Once you have entered it, export the file.

6.Modify the name of the exported GIF file to something simple and straightforward.

7.Apply the modified GIF file in Armoury Crate under the ROG Vision section.

8.Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the captivating experience!



Next, let's discuss barcodes:

1.Start by adjusting the size of your barcode screenshot to a suitable dimension.

2.Visit the website and upload your image.

3.Rapidly click on the "copy" button and select a delay time of 99.

4.Make a GIF!

5. Following the same method as creating the GIF image mentioned earlier, begin from the third step to proceed with the identical process.

6.Indulge in the mesmerizing result!



Moreover, you can also set specific images for different scenarios:

For the "Screen on" mode, choose a GIF image that you adore.

For the "X Mode," opt for barcodes or QR codes.

Additionally, go to Settings -> Advanced -> AirTriggers and enable the "Short Squeeze" or "Long Squeeze" options. For all situations, select the X Mode.


 By doing so, you can effortlessly switch to the ROG Vision simply by squeezing your phone!
Now, embrace the convenience and delight in the immersive experience of your customized ROG Vision.


-----Key points---------

Let's summarize some key points for creating it:

1.Ensure that the image size is 256x64.
2.When entering the code 00 21 FE 06 52 4F 47 47 30 31 00 3B, please make sure to input it on the left side and use hexadecimal format.
3.If you are creating it on a computer, it's recommended to upload the file to a cloud storage service for transfer, or use Bluetooth for the transfer.
4.When naming the file, it's best to use simple English words.

In Armoury Crate, ROG Vision reads the last code to determine if it can be displayed correctly. Therefore, it's essential to be extra cautious and ensure there are no errors in the code.


If you prefer not to go through the trouble of creating your own ROG Vision, you can simply download pre-made images created by others. Additionally, you can visit the following forum: ROG Vision

I have already shared some of my creations there, and I plan to make more ROG Vision images in the future. If you need any assistance with creating barcodes, feel free to leave message on the forum. I would be more than happy to help.


ROG ♡❤

Community Agent

Thanks for your sharing!


Level 8

i follow your guide, but i cant found it on armory crates, where's my fault?

What software did you use to transfer your files to the phone? If you created them on a computer, I recommend transferring the well-made files using Bluetooth or uploading them to a cloud drive before downloading. Otherwise, there might be encoding errors.

Also, make sure to use English file names for your files. This way, the phone will be able to recognize and access the files.

ROG ♡❤

Level 7

Every time I make the file, it never lets me use it in the Armory.

Perhaps there was a mistake in the production process? Creating an ROG Vision GIF can indeed be quite tricky, and one misstep in any part of it can result in the file being completely unreadable.

ROG ♡❤

Level 7

Thank you for your guide. 

I followed the steps and could not get Armory Crate to read the GIFs. Tried both on PC and directly on my ROG Phone 6 pro but could not get it to work. Wonder where went wrong.

When naming files, it's best to use English whenever possible. Additionally, when transferring files to your phone, you can use cloud storage. In some cases, transferring files through certain methods can lead to encoding issues.

ROG ♡❤


Thanks for sharing! We'd all love to see what you can come up with 😄

Level 7

Hey, also just doesn't work for me too. I have tried multiple times following every step. But always says "0" files in downloads. But I can use a preset. Also on the Hex edit, after entering the code it also shows the "ROG" tag at the end but still doesn't work