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【Fun Fact】Why is the volume of the audio different?

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recent versions of the Android operating system, there have been a lot of refinements to the volume controls.

Previously, adjusting the volume would affect the entire device uniformly, which was intuitive but sometimes led to issues like having the video volume too loud while the call volume was insufficient, or finding that the alarm volume was not loud enough even when the call volume seemed adequate.


Why is the volume of the audio different?

The reason behind this phenomenon is a bit complex, but let's simplify it:

Different audio tracks have different dynamic ranges in terms of volume.

During recording, different audio sources adhere to different standards of "loudness."

Therefore, it's challenging to maintain consistent volume levels for all audio sources on the same playback platform. This inconsistency can lead to situations where one sound is too loud while another is too quiet when adjusting the volume.

However, with advancements in technology, Android versions 12 and above allow us to adjust the volume levels for various types of audio independently.


You can find the audio settings by following these steps:

Settings => Sound & vibration


Here, you will find five types of volume settings that can be adjusted separately.

If you're using an ASUS phone, you'll notice an option on the right side of the screen labeled "Linked to volume keys." As the name suggests, enabling this option will synchronize that setting with the volume keys.

However, personally, I prefer to have all settings separated.


Unlink the volume control of your Bluetooth speaker from the volume key

Navigate to the "Volume adjustment" section within the sound settings. You'll find an option labeled "Volume key default control" underneath.

By default, this should be set to "Media volume." This means that the volume adjustment on your phone affects media content such as videos, music, and streaming platforms.


Scrolling further down the menu, you'll encounter an option titled "Bluetooth volume control."

This option allows you to unlink the volume adjustment on your phone from your Bluetooth speaker (or headphones). If you find that your Bluetooth device's volume increments are too large or too small, you may consider changing this option to "Independent volume" control.