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【Fun Fact】Two settings that allow the phone to automatically switch system color

Level 10

Which system interface color scheme do you prefer, light or dark?

I actually like both light and dark system color schemes.

Although they are almost opposite in terms of color palette, I find them both excellent.

I don't want to choose between these two options; I want both.


Auto Switching System Color Scheme

This setting requires Android 13 or later versions.

You can find the setting for system color scheme as follows:

Settings => Display => Display Adjustments => System Colors


Under the options for Light and Dark, you will see an option for "Auto switch." Once enabled, you can set it to automatically switch between light and dark modes from "Sunrise to Sunset," or you can customize the switch times using the "Custom schedule" option.

At the bottom, there is also an option for "Force Dark Mode," where you can specify which apps to force into dark mode.

This setting will affect the interface of certain apps. If an app has considered both light and dark themes in its design, it will typically switch according to the system's configured time.


Auto Switching "Night Light"

Follow these steps:

Settings => Display => Screen => Night Light


Once Night Light mode is activated, the screen tone will shift to an "amber" color. You'll notice that the entire screen takes on a yellowish, warm hue.

The system's explanation states that this makes it easier to view the screen in dimly lit environments.

Similar to the system color scheme, "Night Light" can also be set to automatically switch based on sunrise to sunset or customized switch times.

My personal habit is to set the system color scheme switch time to my quitting time, including enabling the "Do Not Disturb" mode to automatically switch.

When I see the phone switch to dark mode and a reminder for "Do Not Disturb" pops up, it reminds me to start wrapping up my work.

I use Night Light mode to activate at my bedtime. When I see the phone's text turn amber, it signals that it's time for me to rest.

If you, like me, carry your phone with you almost 24/7 and check it every hour, I believe these reminders can be useful.