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【Fun Fact】Google Maps “wheelchair accessible” routes

Level 10


Google Maps recently updated a feature that I find very interesting and practical – the 'wheelchair accessible' routes.

This wheelchair accessible”mode is primarily categorized under 'Public Transit.'

Firstly, set your departure and destination points.

On the route planning page, you can find the 'Options' button in the top right corner.


By default, it should be set to the 'Best route.' Now, you can find an option called 'wheelchair accessible' below.


After obtaining the route guidance map, zoom in, and the navigation route will provide guidance for entrances with elevators or flat ramps.


Of course, Google Maps will still provide a warning that 'wheelchair-accessible directions may not always reflect real-world conditions.'"


The implementation of accessibility design varies in each area. In urban planning, accessibility design is relatively disadvantaged compared to other transit needs.

Seeing this new route planning mode added to map navigation, I think it deserves a thumbs up.

Mobility challenges aren't specific to a single group; anyone in a state of injury, post-injury recovery, pushing a stroller, carrying heavy objects, etc., may need the assistance of accessible facilities.

And now, many Google landmarks now feature an 'wheelchair' icon. When we randomly click on some landmarks or restaurants, we can see prompts for accessible facilities.


Some attractions have a wheelchair icon with a strikethrough, usually indicating the presence of stairs when navigating.

Being able to see accessibility guidance on Google Maps, I think, is a manifestation of technology continuously getting closer to life.

I hope these technological services are designed not only for the majority but also strive to assist everyone as much as possible.