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【Fun Fact】Exciting Features Coming to Android 15

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The Android 15 system, with the internal codename Vanilla Ice Cream, released a preview version in February 2024, followed by the first Beta testing version in April. According to Google's current plan, the final version will be released in the third quarter of this year.

The third quarter isn't too far away, so it's time to take a look at what new features the new system will bring.

Here are a few interesting new features that I think are worth mentioning.


The ability to be searched even when the phone is turned off.

This feature has been around on Apple phones for quite some time. The principle behind it is that after the phone is turned off, it can still provide power to low-power Bluetooth transmitters, allowing the phone to be searched and located even when turned off.

Currently, it's uncertain whether this feature can be applied to all phones using the Android 15 system. The main reason is that this feature involves not only software but also hardware, which needs corresponding design.


Partial screen sharing and recording.

The current Android system only allows users to share the entire screen of their device.

The next system update will enable users to share or record individual applications separately.


Enhanced Virtual and Physical Keyboard Operations

The virtual keyboard in Android 15 will feature "key combinations" functionality and optimize the experience when connecting physical keyboards.

Currently, the virtual keyboard input in the Android system is straightforward, allowing only one key press at a time, followed by the ability to trigger multiple virtual buttons simultaneously.

For example, in the future, we might be able to use Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V on the on-screen keyboard for copy-paste operations. Previously, the limitation of allowing only one command per input on the virtual keyboard may have been due to concerns about accidental inputs. However, with screens getting larger and the virtual keyboard size increasing, it might be time to align the on-screen keyboard input more closely with the input method of personal computers.

↪︎Those familiar with computers surely remember how to copy and paste, right? Perhaps in the future, even virtual keyboards will support such actions.

Additionally, the new developer version mentions enhanced support for "Virtual MIDI 2.0 devices." In simple terms, while previous Android systems already allowed us to connect USB external MIDI 2.0 compliant synthesizers, the new system will enhance software applications. If this feature is completed, it may enable the development of more sophisticated music synthesis devices on the Android platform, providing music creators with greater creative possibilities.


Low Light Enhancement Feature

The feature change list mentions that Android 15's camera will include a built-in enhanced low-light shooting mode.

You might find it strange that many Android system cameras already have a night mode, so why add this feature in the new system?

Actually, the low-light mentioned here is different from the existing night mode. The previous night shooting mode mainly involved synthesizing multiple static photos into one result, but it couldn't combine continuous images. The new low-light enhancement can. In the future, we may be able to preview the results of night mode in real-time while activating night mode.

Furthermore, it can be expected that the new system will open up more parameters related to photography for users or software developers to adjust and modify.


Automatic Language Switching

The feature change list specifically mentions that additional control options will be added to assist applications in automatically switching languages.

If you're interested in delving deeper, you can directly search for "Feature and Change List" in Developers, where you'll find many exciting new features worth looking forward to and tempting you to buy a new phone.


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